Libra Consortium and Halliburton Landmark unite to Develop Field Digital Twin

Halliburton Company( NYSE HAL) moment blazoned it’ll work with Libra Consortium, lead by Petrobras, to develop a digital twin for apre-salt field system in Brazil. The Libra digital twin will help the institute reduce capital expenditures, accelerate product times, and ameliorate crude oil painting recovery rate using new perceptivity attained in a real- time terrain. The digital twin is a virtual representation of the physical asset that replicates its geste
and characteristics. It allows drivers to run “ what if ” scripts to ameliorate decision- timber and maximize functional pungency for optimal field development.

Halliburton and Libra Consortium will develop an intertwined and dynamic digital twin of the product system, including the force, wells, and subsea network. It brings together asset detectors, data, and models, including 4D seismic, and smart completions through systems with a real- time view of the force, wells, and installations. This will help with asset characterization, visionary force monitoring, and asset operations planning and optimization. It’ll help the Libra Consortium achieve a new position of dexterity and collaboration.

” The Mero unitized field digital binary reiterates Landmark’s leadership in using E&P pall and digital results to revise force performance and asset optimization,” said Nagaraj Srinivasan, elderly vice chairman of Landmark, Halliburton Digital results, and Consulting. “ This dynamic system will empower the institute with comprehensive, nonstop perceptivity around optimization openings, cost reduction eventuality, and query mitigation throughout the asset lifecycle. ”

The Mero unitized field is operated by Petrobras, in cooperation with Shell Brasil, TotalEnergies, CNPC and CNOOC, and with Pré- Sal Petróleo SA( PPSA) representing the Government in thenon-contracted area.


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