Kinder Morgan Closes on the$1.815 Billion Acquisition of NextEra Energy Partners ’ South Texas means

Kinder Morgan,Inc.( NYSE KMI) moment closed on its preliminarily blazoned$1.815 billion accession of NextEra Energy Partners ’ South Texas means( STX Midstream), which includes a set of integrated, large periphery high pressure natural gas channel systems that connect the Eagle Ford receptacle to crucial growing Mexico and Gulf Coast demand requests. The accession includes a 90 interest in the NET Mexico channel( MGI Enterprises, a PEMEX chapter, owns the other 10), Eagle Ford Midstream and a 50 interest in Dos Caminos LLC( Howard Energy mates( HEP) owns the remaining 50 and will continue to operate the channel). Dos Caminos lately placed in service a 62- afar channel connecting HEP’s being midstream channel and installations in Webb County, Texas to KMI’s new Eagle Ford channel, which was placed in service on November 1, 2023. This portfolio of means is largely contracted, with an average contract length of over 8 times. roughly 75 of the business is supported by take- or- pay contracts. “ We’re pleased to add these means to our natural gas portfolio to serve growing LNG, artificial, Mexico import and power generation demand requests on theU.S. Gulf Coast, ” said KMI President of Natural Gas Pipelines Sital Mody. “ These means integrate well with our being South Texas footmark and extend our direct connectivity in the spare area of the Eagle Ford Basin, allowing us to offer LNG guests lesser access to desirable low- nitrogen natural gas force. ”

KMI expects the accession to be cumulative to its primary 2024 budget guidance with the purchase price equal to8.6 times the 2024 EBITDA and a long- term investment- to- EBITDA multiple of roughly7.0-7.5 times, inclusive of marketable solidarity. originally, we plan to fund the sale with cash on hand and short- term borrowings, adding our anticipated Net Debt- to- Acclimated EBITDA rate for 2024 by roughly0.1 times after including a full time Acclimated EBITDA donation from the asset. Anticipated accession EBITDA multiples, Net Debt and Acclimated EBITDA arenon-GAAP measures. For delineations of these measures and rapprochements to similar GAAP measures, where applicable, please relate to KMI’s Investor donation for 4Q 2023, which is available at the Investor Relations Page under “ Events and donations. ”

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