Kahuna Workforce Solutions secures $21 million in Series B from Resolve Growth Partners to advance skills management technology for frontline workers

Kahuna Workforce Solutions , the leading provider of enterprise skills and competency management software, today announced a $21 million Series B financing round led by Resolve Growth Partners . This investment is a key milestone in Kahuna’s growth journey and highlights the importance of skills management for industries with frontline technical talent.

In an ever-evolving and complex landscape, it is crucial for companies to understand, validate and align their employees’ skills with strategic business goals in order to perform at the highest levels. Kahuna is at the forefront of competency management technology, equipping organizations with actionable insights about their capabilities for effective assessment, training and development, workforce and deployment initiatives, ultimately leading to robust operations, improved productivity and a more competitive workforce.

Kahuna’s customer base, which includes leading Fortune 500 energy, manufacturing and field service companies as well as globally recognized healthcare systems, is a testament to the platform’s scalability and robustness in meeting the rigorous demands of complex operational requirements. The flagship Skills Management Platform digitizes granular skills data, eliminating the hassle often associated with manually capturing skills in Excel spreadsheets or a traditional HRIS. Companies can dynamically track their skills, identify and analyze skills gaps and offer targeted training opportunities, be it at the bedside, in the field or on the factory floor.

Kahuna plans to use the growth funding strategically to accelerate and improve product development and innovation, expand the team by filling key positions in sales and marketing, product development, customer success and engineering, and expand operational capabilities to achieve global Help customers adopt competency-based strategies to achieve operational excellence.

“We are excited to partner with Resolve as Kahuna embarks on its next phase of growth. Their expertise in enterprise software and their commitment to innovation and continuous improvement fully align with our mission, vision and goals for Kahuna,” said Jai Shah, CEO of Kahuna Workforce Solutions. “This funding strengthens our ability to provide business-critical skills management and support solutions as we revolutionize the way companies manage and optimize their workforce’s skills and capabilities.”

“Kahuna is a category leader, as evidenced by the quality of the logos in its portfolio. They provide best-in-class competency management software and create true partnerships with their customers to deliver transformative business value and operational results,” said Jit Sinha, co-founder and partner at Resolve Growth Partners. “Kahuna’s comprehensive understanding of market needs makes her unique in this space. Our investment is a testament to the confidence we have in Kahuna to continue to lead and provide unparalleled solutions that meet the evolving needs of customers worldwide.”

By partnering with Resolve, Kahuna is able to expand its impact and enable organizations to build resilient, future-ready workforces with operational skills development tools and frontline workforce initiatives.

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