Intersolar 2024: SolarEdge Unveils New Solution for Utility-Scale and Dual-Use Solar in Germany

SolarEdge Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: SEDG), a global leader in smart energy technology, has announced the German launch of its high-power SolarEdge TerraMax™ Inverter paired with H1300 Power Optimizers. The new SE300K1 inverter has received certification and is now available for order in Germany.

Designed for small-to-medium utility-scale PV installations, this versatile solution is suitable for various topologies and challenging site conditions, making it ideal for ground-mounted sites on sloped, uneven, or irregular terrains, as well as dual-use sites like floating PV and Agri-PV with trackers.

The SolarEdge TerraMax Inverter offers the benefits of advanced Module Level Power Electronics (MLPE), including increased energy production by mitigating module mismatch and shading losses—common in bi-facial and vertical PV modules. It also features built-in safety functions and design flexibility. Powered by the SolarEdge ONE for C&I new energy optimization platform, the system includes high-precision module-level monitoring and PV fleet management to reduce site visits, increase system uptime, and lower O&M costs.

The optimized utility solution is designed to boost energy production with 99% inverter efficiency, 200% DC-oversizing, and an integrated nighttime PID rectifier. The design supports up to 80-module string lengths, requiring less cabling and equipment, which can reduce balance of system (BoS) costs by up to 50%. Pre-commissioning allows early validation of components and wiring before AC connection.

Alfred Karlstetter, Europe General Manager at SolarEdge Technologies, said, “We are pleased to bring the benefits of power optimization and high-resolution monitoring to the German utility solar segment with our new high-power SolarEdge TerraMax Inverter. We believe SolarEdge’s leading DC-optimization technology will help maximize value for investors and EPCs.”

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