IHRDC Announces New Clean Energy and Sustainability Offerings to Support Oil and Gas Companies in Navigating the Energy Transition

IHRDC, a seasoned leader in training and competency development for the energy industry for over 50 years, has unveiled a strategic initiative to assist oil and gas companies in preparing for the anticipated shift from fossil fuels to a sustainable, lower-carbon future by 2050.

IHRDC’s new Clean Energy and Sustainability offerings aim to provide practical insights and guidance for energy producers and their employees adapting to the evolving industry landscape. Leveraging its history of innovation in learning and development, the company is introducing a collection of training assets and competency resources designed to offer a roadmap for navigating the energy industry’s transition.

According to Brad Donohue, President & CEO of IHRDC, “Our commitment to this initiative is driven by three factors: the need for awareness about the energy transition among internal staff and stakeholders, the eagerness of industry employees to acquire new skills, and the necessity for cultural change within traditional energy organizations. IHRDC is well positioned to drive skills development through our unique blend of training content, software tools, and consulting expertise – and we are ready for the challenge!”

The Clean Energy and Sustainability product offerings include instructional programs such as “Energy Transition Through 2050: Climate Science, Low Carbon Energy, and Carbon Capture Strategies that Lead to Net-Zero.” Available in both on-site and virtual formats, this course addresses the challenge of identifying energy transition commitments and low carbon strategies required for achieving Net-Zero emissions.

A shorter version of this course, titled “Overview of the Energy Transition,” covers Energy Transition Fundamentals, Energy Supply and Demand Trends, and Renewables & Low Carbon Energy Alternatives. Another instructional program, “Managing an Oil and Gas Company Through the Energy Transition,” focuses on strategies for a low-carbon future and aims to help clients set their own energy transition strategy.

For e-Learning users, self-guided courses on sustainability topics, such as “Overview of the Energy Transition,” offer key insights into the scientific basis of global warming, historical energy trends, and options to reduce CO2. Additionally, IHRDC is introducing a library of over 100 Clean Energy and Sustainability Competency Units, that help detail the workforce development requirements in clean energy basics, electric power, geothermal energy, hydrogen, solar, biofuels, and energy storage systems.

As the global energy landscape evolves towards sustainability, IHRDC stands at the forefront, providing a comprehensive set of courses, training solutions, and competency management assets to empower energy industry professionals with the knowledge and skills needed for the transition to a lower-carbon future.

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