Ignacio Galán”We must act together against climate change”

Ignacio Galán”We must act together against climate change”

The president of Iberdrola had a busy docket moment during the conference at the Climate Summit
Galán said that coal has to be phased out fully and coal- fired power shops demolished. Else, whenever there’s a short- term problem, there will always be a temptation to start them up again. There’s no place for coal in a ultramodern energy system

The Iberdrola group is leading the way to a decarbonised, flexible frugality through a sustainable, effective business model. It has formerly invested further than€ 120 bn in the last 20 times, and is closing its coal and canvas- fired power shops around the world.
The president of Iberdrola, Ignacio Galán, took part in the Powering Past Coal Alliance (PPCA) event this morning. The coalition of governments and companies was set up in 2017 to promote programs and investment plans aimed at phasing out of coal as a source of energy to progress with the perpetration of clean powers.

On behalf of Iberdrola, he has inked an International Declaration calling for the invalidation of this raw material, in line with this time’s United Nations Climate Change Conference, on the understanding that this measure is abecedarian to advancing in the commitment to keep global warming on the earth to a outside of1.5 degrees.

Iberdrola is a colonist in the energy transition and was one of the first companies to join the Powering Past Coal Alliance, a decarbonisation commitment that will grease the shift from using fossil energies to renewables.

In this regard, Galán says that this is a pivotal moment for the earth, which has its sights set on 2050 when hothouse gas emigrations must have been reduced to zero. The target is to reduce these emigrations by 45 within the coming ten times.

The president claimed on the obligation to work together to phase out coal- fired power shops incontinently and replace them with renewable electricity to cover the earth.

The company is a trail-blazer on the road to sustainability, having supported for renewable powers for the last 20 times. Along the way, Iberdrola has closed 17 coal and canvas- fired power shops and has invested around€ 120 bn in clean powers, smart networks and digitalisation, reaching 35 GW of installed renewable powers.

Also, Iberdrola is planning to invest€ 155 bn during the coming ten times, with the thing of achieving zero emigrations in 2030, 20 times ahead of the thing set for the EU.

The Iberdrola business model, which has increasedsix-fold, shows that the fight against climate change is entirely compatible with value creation for its shareholders, workers and society at large. The company is presently the world leader in renewable powers, supplying energy to further than 100 million people around the world.

Still, according to the president, the decarbonisation undertakings that will crop from the COP26 will only be feasible if governments give a stable, coherent and predictable nonsupervisory frame with legal security. The ideal is that clean energy development isn’t affected by temporary problems of the type presently being with rising gas prices, which is causing some companies to lose their way and go back to coal.

In his opinion, other measures should be added to these stable rules, similar as the immediate suspense of reactionary energy subventions, or furnishing price signals under the”polluter pays”principle, but over all, Sánchez Galán claimed on the need to put an end to the bureaucracy that prevents green systems from being approved snappily.

Iberdrola is making progress with its public decarbonisation strategy in line with a green metamorphosis plan linked to the orderly check of its power shops, similar as those in Velilla (Palencia) and Lada (Asturias).
These shops include investments in renewables, the creation of citizen platforms, indirect frugality systems and stimulation of business and original jobs using green principles, invention and support for original entrepreneurship.