Ignacio Galán, invested chairman of the Social Council of the University of Salamanca

Ignacio Galán, invested chairman of the Social Council of the University of Salamanca

The President of the Junta of Castile and León, Alfonso Fernandez Mañueco, presided over the induction form this morning.
On 15 September, the Governing Council approved the renewal of the president of Iberdrola, who’s now in his third term of office.

Ignacio Galán, administrative chairman of Iberdrola, was invested this morning as President of the Social Council of the University of Salamanca( USAL) during a form held in Valladolid with the President of the Regional Government of Castile and León, Alfonso Fernandez Mañueco, and the Regional Minister of Education, Rocío Lucas, in the presence of the rectors of all the public universities of Castilla y León, including Ricardo Rivero, Rector of theUSAL.The Governing Council approved on 15 September, after the end of the former term of office, the renewal in office of the administrative chairman of Iberdrola, as well as the chairpersons of the Social Councils of the Universities of Burgos, León andValladolid.Ignacio Galán therefore begins his third term on the Social Council of the University of Salamanca, a body made up of 26 members from the social, business and profitable world whose function is to guarantee the participation of Salamanca society in this institution and to represent the different social interests of Salamanca and the university community. Along with Galán, Luis Alfonso Abril Pérez, Luis Javier Cepedano Valdeón and Óscar Campillo Madrigal, chairpersons of the Social Councils of the universities of Burgos, León and Valladolid, independently, have taken up theirposts.The Social Council of the University of Salamanca agreed last Saturday to renew its members. Specifically, 15 of the 26 councillors have been renewed, so that 11 new movables have been made. Pedro Díaz will president the Economic- Financial Committee; Josefa García Barrado the Academic- Scientific Committee; the Social Relations Committee will be led by Carmen Escalera; Sergio Pérez will president the Planning Committee; and eventually, Miguel Ángel Martín Herrero will president the Regulations and ComplianceCommittee.BOOSTING TRAINING AND TALENTIgnacio Galán’s firm commitment to the university world, training and the creation of gift in all areas of its life has led him to support colorful academic enterprise that grease the medication and specialisation of youthful people and their objectification into the world of work. He holds memorial Doctorates from the universities of Salamanca, Edinburgh and Strathclyde( Glasgow) and is a member of the Presidential Advisory Council of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology( MIT). Born in Salamanca, Ignacio Galán holds a degree in Industrial Engineering from the Advanced Industrial Engineering School ICAI of the Comillas Pontifical University in Madrid, a parchment in Business Administration and Foreign Trade from ICADE of the Comillas Pontifical University and a parchment from the Escuela de Organización Industrial inMadrid.Galán is Administrative president of Iberdrola and Chairman of the Iberdrola group’s subholding companies in the United Kingdom( ScottishPower), in the United States( AVANGRID, a company listed on the New York Stock Exchange) and in Brazil( Neoenergia, a company listed on BOVESPA). Since his appearance at Iberdrola in 2001, his commitment to transnational expansion and the need for electrification through renewable powers, smart grids and energy storehouse have converted the company into one of the largest in the sector in the world, with a presence in dozens of countries similar as Spain, United States, United Kingdom, Brazil, Mexico, Germany, Portugal, France, Italy and Ireland, as well as Australia, Poland, Sweden and Japan, and supplying energy to further than 100 million people around theworld.In addition, the new chairman of the social council of the University of Salamanca is a member of the World Economic Forum( Davos), is chairman of the Renewable Hydrogen Coalition and is a member of the Executive Committee of the European Round Table for Assiduity( ERT) and of the International Council of JP Morgan. Among other awards, in 2020 he entered the Management Leadership Award from the Spanish Quality Association and the Business Career Achievement Award from El Economista. In 2019, he was rated as one of the five most important CEOs in the world and the first in the serviceability sector by Harvard Business Review, and as one of the 30 most influential leaders in the fight against climate change by Bloomberg. He also entered the National Innovation and Design Award for Innovative Line from the Ministry of Science, Innovation andUniversities.In 2014, he was awarded the Commander of The Most Excellent Order of the British Empire by Queen Elizabeth II.

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