Iberdrola USA( Avangrid) Accompanies His Majesty The King On His Visit To New York

Iberdrola USA( Avangrid) accompanies His Majesty the King on his visit to New York

Don Felipe was entered at the Spain- US Chamber of Commerce by Pedro Azagra, CEO of Avangrid, Iberdrola’s attachment in the United States. • His Majesty the King was also awarded the Foreign Policy Association Medal at the Association’s periodic regale. The award recognises individualities who demonstrate responsible internationalism and work to expand public understanding of transnational affairs. • The Spanish company has managed to place itself as one of the three largest renewable energy companies in the United States, with operations in 25 countries and further than MW of renewable capacity.
The Spain-U.S. Chamber of Commerce in New York, which promotes profitable relations between the two countries and has come one of the most important transatlantic business organisations, entered His Majesty King Felipe VI history. In the evening, Don Felipe entered the Foreign Policy Association Medal, which was presented during the Association’s periodic regale. At the ultimate meeting, His Majesty the King was entered by the Permanent Representative Ambassador of Spain to the United Nations, Agustín Santos Maraver; the Consul General of Spain in New York, Caridad Batalla; the President of the Foreign Policy Association, NoelV. Lateef; and theVice-President of the Foreign Policy Association, SanaH. Sabbagh, among other authorities. Both events were attended by Pedro Azagra, CEO of Avangrid, Iberdrola’s attachment in the United States. The Chamber, innovated in New York in 1959, is a private,non-profit American institution that promotes bilateral trade and investment. It represents the interests of companies that have established or are interested in establishing trade and business relations between Spain and the United States and promotes and strengthens relations between companies, from entrepreneurs and SMEs to largecompanies.Iberdrola’s history in the United States is a story of growth. In lower than two decades, the company chaired by Ignacio Sánchez Galán has come, through its attachment, one of the largest groups in the North American electricity sector, listed on the New York Stock Exchange since 2015. Avangrid has contributed to Iberdrola getting the most precious company on the Spanish stock exchange with a request capitalisation of around 73 billion euros and the leading European energy company. The establishment is present in 25 countries and manages further than megawatts( MW) of generation capacity, of which further than MW of renewables( substantially wind and solar PV), and further than kilometres of power lines through eight distributors in New York, Connecticut, Maine and Massachusetts. In addition, the Spanish company has a portfolio of high- quality renewable systems in the United States of further than MW, which represent a stable platform for uninterrupted growth over the coming many times as the country meets its decarbonisationtargets.Iberdrola plans to invest further than$ 30 billion between 2020 and 2025 in electricity grids and renewables, with the end of doubling its clean energy capacity by 2025.

Iberdrola has also been a colonist in coastal wind in the United States, where it manages and develops a portfolio of further than MW. It has the support of the Biden Administration, which is accelerating the perpetration of this technology after committing to reaching 30 GW by 2030. In December 2021, the Spanish company began construction of the first large coastal wind ranch in the United States( Vineyard Wind 1), which will be functional in2023/24. The 800- megawatt( MW) design, located about 24 km south of the seacoast of Martha’s Vineyard, will induce enough wind power to meet the demand of further than homes. Its commissioning will also help the emigration of further than1.6 million tonnes of carbon dioxide per time, the fellow of removing vehicles from theroad.It also owns the Kitty Hawk development area( MW) in North Carolina and has initiated the BOEM permitting process for the Kitty Hawk North design( 800 MW), the first design to be developed in this area, and manages other granges at an earlier stage ofdevelopment.In January 2022, it also closed the preemption of the coastal wind portfolio it participated with CIP( Copenhagen Structure Mates) in the United States, with further than megawatts( MW) of capacity, making it one of the largest inventors of this technology worldwide. This portfolio includes Commonwealth Wind, a design named late last time to supply power to serviceability in Massachusetts. At megawatts( MW), it’s the largest coastal wind installation on the east seacoast of the country, will produce full- time original jobs over its continuance and will induce enough energy to power homes ayear.The Spanish company also attained exclusive power of Park City Wind, an coastal design with a secured PPA and permits from the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management( BOEM) in the channel that, with its 804 MW, will cover 14 of the electricity demand of the state of Connecticut and help the emigration of further than 25 million tonnes of CO2. Through the mate agreement, Iberdrola retains 50 of the Vineyard Wind 1 wind ranch and the right to take control of it during the operation phase. In total, Iberdrola’s investment in its US coastal portfolio could exceed$ 15 billion in the comingyears.In addition, the Iberdrola group operates eight serviceability in New York, Connecticut, Maine and Massachusetts, serving a population of seven million people, with3.3 million direct guests.