Iberdrola, the stylish European company in terms of ESG information dispersion

Iberdrola, the stylish European company in terms of ESG information dispersion

The ranking analyses further than,000 companies from all sectors and from around 20 countries worldwide.
Iberdrola is the stylish European company in ESG( environmental, social and governance) dispersion of information, according to the League of American Dispatches Professionals( LACP) worldranking.LACP has estimated nearly,000 periodic reports( including in digital format) from different companies in further than twenty countries around the world, and has awarded Iberdrola the first place in Europe, Middle East and Africa( EMEA) and the Platinum award, with a score of 99 out of 100, for its new digital space” ESG Information” in the order of” publish- Grounded Indispensable Reports”. This ranking has appreciatively assessed the availability and translucency of ESG information to all stakeholders through its new digital space. This new microsite brings together in a single area all the company’snon-financial information for the 2021 fiscal time( completing the information reported in the Integrated Report with the total content available in the Statement ofNon-Financial Information- Sustainability Report, as well as other ESG information applicable to stakeholders). In addition, this body has taken into account the trouble to digitalise ESG information, in an expanded form and with infographic material, which responds to multitudinous recognised reporting norms in this area( IIRC, GRI, SASB, Global Compact,etc.). This time, LACP also awarded Iberdrola the prize for the company that has utmost bettered its ESG reporting with respect to the formeryear.THE NEW ESG AREA, A STEP FURTHER IN IBERDROLA’S COMMITMENTIn its commitment to translucency and communication dispersion, this time Iberdrola has launched a new digital” ESG Information” space, which includes all applicable information on its ESG performance and the main associated fiscal criteria .
With this microsite, the company takes another step forward in its leadership in ESG, bringing information in this area closer to stakeholders through a ultramodern, digital and accessible format. This space complements the other documents published in traditional format Statement ofnon-financial information- Sustainability Report, published since 2004 and Integrated Report, since 2014.

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