Iberdrola starts up the world’s first wind- solar mongrel factory in Australia

Iberdrola starts up the world’s first wind- solar mongrel factory in Australia

The 317 MW total capacity design combines a 210 MW wind ranch and a 107 MW photovoltaic factory.
The factory will be suitable to induce enough clean energy to power,000 homes and will help the emigration of,000 tonnes of CO2 per time.
Iberdrola has started the commissioning in Australia of its first wind- solar mongrel design in the world, Port Augusta, after being registered in the National Electricity Market Registry by the Australian Energy Market Operator. This renewable installation, located in the state of South Australia, combines 210 MW of wind power with 107 MW of photovoltaic power and has needed an investment ofA$ 500million.Comprising 50 wind turbines and,000 solar panels, the complex is the largest wind- solar mongrel ranch in the southern semicircle. The factory will help the emigration of,000 tonnes of CO2 per time into the atmosphere and will be suitable to induce enough clean energy to supply the original demand of,000 Australianhouseholds.The design therefore enters the full generation phase with the commissioning of the photovoltaic modules, in addition to the wind power part of the installation, which began the first tests to export energy to the grid lastApril.The design, which has generated 200 jobs during its construction, has involved original, global and Spanish suppliers. Specifically, the Spanish company Elecnor was responsible for erecting the factory’s substation and transmission line, as well as the storehouse areas and access roads. Vestas has manufactured and installed the 50 wind turbines of4.2 MW unit capacity in the wind ranch; Longi has supplied the solar panels for the photovoltaic factory and Sterling & Wilson has been in charge of itsconstruction.The commissioning of Port Augusta will make a significant donation to achieving South Australia’s ambitious targets; it hopes to achieve 100 renewable energy by 2030. In addition to easing decarbonisation, the factory will help reduce consumer electricity prices and advance energy tone- adequacy. To induce the same quantum of power as Port Augusta will produce with a traditional concerted cycle would bear around 155 million boxy metres of gas peryear.IBERDROLA, LEADER IN A GROWING MARKETIberdrola has made a strong commitment to the Australian energy request. The company plans to make a major investment of over to 3 billion euros in the country, with the end of reaching,000 MW of renewable energy in the comingyears.Iberdrola has formerly committed further thanA$ 1 billion( around€ 700 million) to new renewable growth systems, similar as the Avonlie solar ranch in south- western New South Wales and the Flyers Creek wind ranch in central New SouthWales.The company also acquired the rights to the world’s largest wind ranch at Mount James, with,000 MW, the 360 MW Broadsound photovoltaic power station in Queensland and has invested in a smart results business, Autonomous Energy, which offers acclimatized energy products for marketable and artificialcompanies.With these investments, Iberdrola has a mature portfolio of further than,000 MW in development systems that will grease the connection of renewable powers as the main vector of the energy transition in thecountry.The electricity request in Australia is witnessing a profound metamorphosis from a centralised generation system grounded on large reactionary energy installations( coal and gas) to a system of distributed generation, primarily wind and solarpower.The Iberdrola group was a colonist in its commitment to a sustainable growth strategy grounded on promoting the electrification of the frugality through investment in renewable powers, electricity grids and energy storehouse. Thanks to this vision, the company is moment a world leader in renewable powers, with close to,000 MW of renewable capacity installed worldwide, and is a leader in the energy transition towards a low- emigration frugality and energy tone- adequacy.

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