Iberdrola develops Windanker, its third coastal wind ranch in the Baltic Sea, with€ 800 million planned investment

Iberdrola develops Windanker, its third coastal wind ranch in the Baltic Sea, with€ 800 million planned investment
It strengthens the Baltic Mecca-which also includes Wikinger and Baltic Eagle-with further than MW of installed capacity and a combined investment of roughly€3.5 billion
The design is part of Iberdrola’s global coastal wind expansion plan, with installed capacity set to reach MW by 2030 out of a global channel of MW

Iberdrola remains married to the deployment of renewables in transnational requests. Its third coastal wind design in the Baltic Sea, Windanker, will have 300 MW installed capacity and€ 800 million total investment. The design will support the company’s Baltic Mecca in Germany which also includes the functional Wikinger coastal wind ranch (350 MW), and Baltic Eagle (476 MW), under construction. Following a total investment of some EUR3.5 billion, the Mecca will have an installed capacity of over1.1 GW by 2026, bolstering the company’s strategic focus in the Baltic Sea.

On November 4th, the Federal Network Agency (Bundesnetzagentur) confirmend that the Windanker GmbH, a attachment of Iberdrola, has exercised its right of entry to thepre-developed point. O-1.3.

Iris Stempfle, Managing Director of Iberdrola Renovables Germany, emphasises”With this third coastal wind ranch design in Germany, Iberdrola is italicizing its commitment to Germany as one of the strategically important requests. The realisation of Windanker on a zero- shot base confronts us with challenges due to the special conditions in the Baltic Sea. We’re suitable to master these challenges through solidarity with our Baltic Mecca. But until coastal wind energy is completely integrated into the request, we consider an intelligent transitional request design to be necessary.”

Thanks to the experience formerly gained in the Baltic Sea and by using rearmost wind technology, similar asmulti-MW turbines (15MW class), Iberdrola will operate the Windanker wind ranch largely efficiently. Farther advantages could affect from the nearly contemporaneous construction with the East Anglia Hub in the UK and from farther planned systems in the European Baltic Sea.

Windanker will come on sluice in 2026 and will be the first coastal design in the German Baltic Sea at request conditions. Utmost of its electricity affair is anticipated to be allocated to long- term power purchase contracts in the German request.

Prime Minister of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Manuela Schwesig said “ We need further coastal wind granges for the energy transition to succeed. This is an profitable occasion for Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. The construction and operation of the wind ranch will produce fresh jobs. Also, we’ve the occasion to detect climate-friendly diligence in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern in the forthcoming times that produce on the base of wind power.”

Iberdrola is leading the world in the development of coastal wind, with operating means and a design channel of roughly MW encyclopedically. The company is concentrated on countries with ambitious coastal wind targets and clear routes to request.
Europe Iberdrola is at the van of the European coastal request with MW of functional capacity in Germany (Wikinger) and the UK, (East Anglia ONE and West of Duddon Sands), and just under MW under construction in Germany (Baltic Eagle) and France (St. Brieuc). Also, Iberdrola manages a substantial channel with farther systems proposed in the UK, France and Germany, as well new growth requests similar as Ireland, Sweden, Poland and Denmark.

US Iberdrola is a leader and a colonist in the US coastal request. Lately, the 800 MW Croft Wind 1 came the first US coastal wind design to achieve fiscal close, with construction starting in the coming weeks. As well as retaining the right to take control of the Vineyard design during the functional phase, the company is also accelerating the development of over MW of capacity with Park City Wind and State Wind.
Iberdrola s Avangrid Renewables is also the sole proprietor of the Kitty Hawk development area in North Carolina, which has a implicit capacity of MW. The BOEM permitting process has been initiated for the 800 MW Kitty Hawk North design, the first design to be developed in the area. Iberdrola s Avangrid Renewables is also managing fresh systems in an earlier stage of development.

Rest of the world Iberdrola is accelerating its coastal expansion in other regions including Asia, with a significant channel of systems in Japan and Taiwan, as well as other arising requests similar as Brazil.

The company has launched a record investment plan of€ 150 billion over the coming decade-€ 75 billion by 2025-which will enable the company to triple its renewable capacity and double its smart grid means, maximising the openings of the energy revolution.

With an investment of€ 120 billion over the once twenty times, Iberdrola is a leader in renewable energy with further than MW of installed capacity, a volume that makes its generation line one of the cleanest in the energy sector. Its investment strategy in green energy and smart grids will enable it to be” carbon neutral”in Europe by 2030.