Iberdrola and EIB subscribe a€ 220 million green loan top- up to boost smart grids in Spain

Iberdrola and EIB subscribe a€ 220 million green loan top- up to boost smart grids in Spain

The finances, totalling€ 820 million, are allocated for the structure investment plan of i- DE, Iberdrola’s electricity distribution company in Spain
The design, which will maintain,000 jobs per time, is contributing to the electrification of the Spanish frugality and to adding the effectiveness of the distribution network
These fresh coffers will grease the prosecution of the company’s strategic plan, concentrated on renewables and grids and in line with the REPowerEU plan
The European Investment Bank( EIB) and Iberdrola have agreed to increase the green loan inked in 2021 to support the development, modernisation and digitisation of the company’s electricity distribution networks, a design with an impact on twelve Spanish regions. The€ 220 million top-up inked moment brings the total EIB backing to around€ 820 million, allocated to strengthen smart grids in Spain and contribute to the farther electrification of the frugality. The design linked to the loan will ameliorate the effectiveness of the distribution network, characterised by robotization andcontrol.With this loan, Iberdrola will boost recovery of the Spanish frugality and employment by securing around,000 jobs a time in Spain during the perpetration period, according to the EIB’s estimates. This loan supports the EU Bank’s indigenous cohesion and development objects, which give precedence to promoting systems in less developed regions with a per capita gross domestic product( GDP) below the EU normal. In this respect, 68 of the i- DE plan contemplated in this agreement is being developed in those Spanishregions.This agreement supports the development of the smart grid investment plan being developed by i- DE, Iberdrola’s distribution company in Spain, over the period 2021- 2023, involving a total investment of€1.8 billion. The company will have the capacity to multiply the trustability, effectiveness and security of the electricity distribution grid, all thanks to support from the EIB and Spanish government finances through the Recovery and Adaptability Medium( RRM). EIBVice-President Ricardo Mourinho Félix said” The top- up of this installation is all the more important at a time of energy extremity. We at the EIB know that it’s vital to boost electricity grids in order to see the growth of renewable energy, which is vital for icing security of force and decarbonising the EU frugality. The top- up of this green loan with Iberdrola is a farther step towards this ideal, and it also translates into profitable growth and employment in Spain”. The Chairman and CEO of Iberdrola, Ignacio Galán, explained that” the top- up of this green loan with the EIB will enable us to further develop Spain ́s smart grids, which are essential for easing the integration of renewable energy product, boosting energy effectiveness and perfecting the distribution network and the quality of force. This will speed up the transition to a more sustainable model, helping to give lesser energy tone- adequacy and security, which are so necessary at this critical time”. In terms of the terrain and energy, this operation is in line with the EIB’s Climate Roadmap and the EU’s REPowerEU plan strategy. The fresh coffers Iberdrola will admit will grease the perpetration of the company’s strategic plan, which focuses on investment in renewable powers and networks, two of REPowerEU’spriorities.The systems developed by i- DE also support the increased electrification of heating and mobility, in line with the objects of the Spanish National Integrated Energy and Climate Plan( PNIEC) 2021- 2030. The EU Bank is carrying out this operation through a Green Loan. This is a type of backing whose characteristics completely misbehave with the conditions defined in the EIB’s Climate mindfulness Bonds( Hack) programme. The sale is thus eligible for allocation to its portfolio of advancing operations financed through the allocation ofCABs.GREEN FINANCEThe European Investment Bank( EIB) is the long- term lending institution of the European Union possessed by its Member States. It makes long- term finance available for sound investments in order to contribute towards EU policy pretensions. The European Investment Bank( EIB) issues long- term loans on behalf of the EuropeanUnion.Iberdrola, a global leader in sustainable and green finance, has established itself as a global standard in sustainable finance, getting the first group worldwide to issue green bonds, after being the first Spanish company to open this request in 2014. In 2016, the company also funded the first green loan for an energy company, in the quantum of€ 500million.At the end of June 2022, the group formerly had green backing or backing linked to sustainability criteria amounting to further than€,800 million, of which further than€,500 million correspond to green bonds.

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