Honoring Florida’s veterans: Duke Energy joins forces with statewide organizations to provide $235,000 in support for those who served

Honoring Florida’s veterans: Duke Energy joins forces with statewide organizations to provide $235,000 in support for those who served

In support of National stagers and Military Families Month, Duke Energy Florida and the Duke Energy Foundation are contributing$,000 to four Florida- grounded associations whose operations support stagers and their loved bones
“ We’re proud to stand with the1.5 million stagers throughout Florida, and this includes further than 360 Duke Energy Florida workers who have served or are presently serving in the service, ” said Melissa Seixas, Duke Energy Florida state chairman. “ In Florida, we’re fortunate to work with amazing leaders and associations that are committed to addressing the most burning requirements of our stagers. ”

On Veterans Day, Duke Energy Florida workers joined Blue Angels Foundation leaders to advertise the$,000 donation at the Naval Air Station( NAS) in Pensacola. One hundred percent of the Duke Energy Foundation backing will go to support wounded soldiers ’post-traumatic stress( PTS) protocols.
“ The Duke Energy Foundation and the Blue Angels Foundation will be a collaboration of compassion, stopgap and purpose serving the wounded legionnaire community, ” said Mike Campbell, Blue Angels Foundation chairman. “ Together, we look forward to backingpost-traumatic stress protocols that are a critical step for the wounded legionnaire prostrating the unnoticeable injuries of war. These protocols save lives, and we’re so proud to serve those who have so faithfully served all of us. ”

Danny Burgess, a major in the Army National Guard and former administrative director of the Florida Department of stagers ’ Affairs, saluted the trouble, “ Big thank you to Duke Energy for doubling down on their commitment to serve those who served us by supporting crucial stagers associations making a difference in the lives of Florida’s military families. The strong support from both private and public sector is what helps to make Florida the most military and expert friendly state in the nation. ”
The ensuing associations entered support for their programs and services to reach as numerous eligible individualities as possible.

Blue Angels Foundation –$,000. finances will support its wounded soldierspost-traumatic stress( PTS) protocols program by completely funding five to 15 wounded soldiers( depending on outpatient or inpatient programs). The inpatient programs generally bring$,000 and the outpatient programs may run as high as$,000.
Kiwanis Club of Seminole Breakfast FoundationInc. –$,000. finances will support its Field of Honor display, which honors and recognizes once and present stagers who have devoted their lives to guarding our freedom.

National Alliance on Mental Health( NAMI) Florida –$,000. finances will go toward NAMI’s Homefront and stager Connection Support Group enterprise that give holistic support to both stagers and their families.
Shield of Faith operations( SOF operations) –$,000. finances will support SOF operations ’ flexible Conventions for military members and stagers floundering to overcome the challenges of military service and combat. The one- week ferocious conventions bring together providers from cerebral, social, spiritual and physical disciplines.
In addition to the recent benefactions, the company has an internal stager network group, Together We Stand( TWS), which instructors new hires, helps stagers acclimate to Duke Energy’s culture and eases the transition to mercenary life.

Throughout the time, the Florida TWS chapter laboriously participates in multitudinous original events to support enterprise concentrated on backing stagers in Florida. before this month, Duke Energy workers recognized stagers and families by installing 500 homage flags at Seminole City Hall.

Duke Energy Florida

Duke Energy Florida, a attachment of Duke Energy, owns,300 megawatts of energy capacity, supplying electricity to1.9 million domestic, marketable and artificial guests across a,000- forecourt- afar service area in Florida.

Duke Energy Foundation

The Duke Energy Foundation provides further than$ 30 million annually in humanitarian support to meet the requirements of communities where Duke Energy guests live and work. The Foundation is funded by Duke Energy shareholders.

Duke Energy( NYSE DUK), a Fortune 150 company headquartered in Charlotte,N.C., is one of America’s largest energy holding companies. Its electric serviceability serve8.2 million guests in North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Indiana, Ohio and Kentucky, and inclusively own,000 megawatts of energy capacity. Its natural gas unit serves1.6 million guests in North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Ohio and Kentucky. The company employs,000 people.

Duke Energy is executing an aggressive clean energy transition to achieve its pretensions of net- zero methane emigrations from its natural gas business by 2030 and net- zero carbon emigrations from electricity generation by 2050. The company has interim carbon emigration targets of at least 50 reduction from electric generation by 2030, 50 for compass 2 and certain compass 3 upstream and downstream emigrations by 2035, and 80 from electric generation by 2040. In addition, the company is investing in major electric grid advancements and energy storehouse, and exploring zero- emigration power generation technologies similar as hydrogen and advanced nuclear.

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