Heavy-haul Railway Engineering Research Center of National Railway Administration Established in Shuohuang Railway Co.

Recently, the Technical Committee of the Railway Industry Engineering Research Center for High-efficiency Heavy-haul Railway Transportation Technology under the National Railway Administration was established and convened its first session in Shuohuang Railway Development Co., Ltd., marking that the Research Center officially began operation.

Approved by the National Railway Administration in December 2022, the Research Center is a joint initiative between Shuohuang Railway and China Railway Fifth Survey and Design Institute, Beijing Jiaotong University, Shijiazhuang Railway University, and Central South University. As a scientific research institution committed to achieving efficient transportation and intelligent control of heavy-haul railways, the Research Center focuses on the research of intelligent transportation, intelligent management, intelligent equipment, and standard system formulation, and will make efforts to carry out key technology research, equipment development, and standard system formulation, propel automatic transportation, intelligent operation and management, and smart decision-making and analysis on heavy-haul railways, and promote the industrialization of technological innovation achievements.

The Technical Committee of the Research Center consists of 14 domestic academicians and leading experts in the industry. It will serve the Research Center by steering the development direction, providing guidance on the transformation and industrialization of technological innovation results, organizing international and domestic academic exchanges, hosting and participating in international and domestic academic exchanges, and opening research topics to attract talented people to join in collaborative research.

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