HBKU and Iberdrola Innovation ME Unite on Smart Grid Security

HBKU and Iberdrola Innovation ME Unite on Smart Grid Security

Agreement advances high- impact invention to address energy and environmental challengesAiming to advance high- impact invention in sustainable energy, Hamad Bin Khalifa University (HBKU) will unite with Iberdrola Innovation ME on exploration and development in the area of cybersecurity for the smart grid.
Under a new cooperative agreement, HBKU and Iberdrola Innovation ME will work to enhance the technology being used in smart grid field deployments in the region. Using separate moxie in cybersecurity and innovative energy results, common sweats will encompass exploration studies, intellectual property, and marketable collaboration on smart grid telecommunications and security mechanisms.

Smart grids are regarded as a “ technological vault” to advance new models of electricity consumption and decarbonization. With the capability to operate with energy from renewable coffers and incorporate digital technology, the huge volumes of data generated by smart grids bear effective security results.
HBKU, through its College of Science and Engineering (CSE), and Iberdrola Innovation ME will both mileage faculty, staff, and coffers for a exploration design concentrated on security ways for power line dispatches.Dr. Roberto Di Pietro, Professor of Cybersecurity at CSE, will extend his moxie to the common design platoon of exploration scientists and smart grid masterminds. Anticipated issues include peer reviewed scientific publications, concertedly possessed patent operations and, immaculately, posterior commercialization.

Mounir Hamdi, Founding Dean of CSE,Dr. Richard O’Kennedy,Vice-President for Research, Development and Innovation (RDI) at Qatar Foundation (QF) and VP for Research at HBKU, with elderly officers from the Office of Industry Development and Knowledge Transfer (IDTK), part of QF RDI, attended the sanctioned signing form with Santiago Bañales Lopez, Managing Director, Iberdrola Innovation Middle East, Javier Hernandez Fernandez, Technical Director, Iberdrola Innovation Middle East, and other officers.
Speaking about the collaboration,Dr. Mounir Hamdi, Dean of HBKU ‘s CSE, said “ This new agreement is grounded on our long- standing relationship with Iberdrola, which is concentrated on knowledge- driven invention. We prevision this cooperation laboriously contributing to Qatar’s energy metamorphosis with a veritably positive impact on smart, sustainable metropolises enterprise.”

Iberdrola Innovation ME was established at Qatar Science and Technology Park (QSTP) in 2016, where the Iberdrola Technology Centre undertakes cutting- edge systems in smart grids, renewable integration and energy operation. In October 2021, Iberdrola Group created the Global Smart Grid Hub in Bilbao, a global centre for invention in smart grids, which combines its technological capacity with that of experts around the world.
Santiago Bañales Lopez, Managing Director, Iberdrola Innovation Middle East QSTP said “ Our agreement with HBKU reflects our commitment to Qatar’s exploration, development, and invention system and boosting knowledge in specific areas of wisdom and energy. Our collaboration will insure that our common sweats are at the van of working Qatar’s energy and environmental challenges by advancing results for its smart grid capabilities.”

For further information on the programs and exploration at the College of Science and Engineering, please visitcse.hbku.edu.qa