Green Boom Expands Product Line to The Home Depot

Green Boom, the world’s first compostable oil absorbent supplier, announced today that its environmentally friendly and compostable product line is now available at The Home Depot. This expansion brings the world’s most sustainable oil absorbents to the DIY and home improvement market, a significant step toward making environmentally conscious choices accessible to a broader audience and fostering a greener future.

Research has found consumers are shifting toward more sustainable products when making purchasing decisions. The availability of Green Boom products at The Home Depot allows consumers to make more sustainable choices in their everyday lives. Green Boom offers a range of products that empower consumers to minimize their environmental impact without sacrificing convenience or performance, whether for personal use at home or for business applications.

Green Boom’s patent-protected products absorb spilled oil and are fully composted in weeks, completely eradicating the need for toxic landfills or products made from single-use plastics. As consumers become increasingly aware of the environmental consequences of their purchasing decisions, retailers are responding by offering more eco-friendly options. By partnering with Green Boom, retailers like Home Depot are meeting consumer demand and driving positive change toward a more sustainable future.

“We’re honored to have The Home Depot carry our product line, offering consumers an eco-friendly, fully compostable oil absorbent for the first time,” shared Nicholle Wersland, president and global COO of Green Boom. “As the only EPA and USDA-approved oil absorbents in the world, we’re excited to introduce our products to the leading home improvement retailer’s customer base and further eliminate harmful plastics from landfills.”

The efficacy and environmentally friendly composition of Green Boom’s products are significant advantages compared to other products on the market. Traditional oil spill absorbents rely on non-biodegradable materials like polypropylene, which can have detrimental long-term effects on ecosystems. Green Boom utilizes natural materials for its products, ensuring they degrade over time. This approach reduces environmental impact and aligns with the circular economy principles of reducing waste and promoting resource efficiency.

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About Green Boom

Founded in 2018, Green Boom was established to offer a sustainable solution for environmental disasters and oil spills. The company’s patent-protected product is the world’s first 100% environment-friendly and compostable oil-only absorbent. It is the only EPA and USDA-approved boom in the U.S. and TUV-approved in Europe. Green Boom’s commercialized biodegradable oil spillage absorbents and microbes line absorb and eliminate highly toxic hydrocarbons from typical productive soil. For additional information, visit

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