Gradiant Launches alkaLi: World’s Most Efficient Lithium Production Process

Gradiant, a global leader in advanced water and wastewater treatment solutions, has announced the launch of alkaLi™, a new company focused on advancing battery-grade lithium production. This spin-out marks a significant step towards meeting the soaring global demand driven by electric vehicles, energy storage systems, and portable electronics.

alkaLi leverages EC2, a groundbreaking all-in-one solution designed to Extract, Concentrate, and Convert battery-grade lithium. Unlike traditional methods that take years, EC2 achieves instantaneous production in seconds, slashing operational costs by 50% with zero upfront capital expenditure. Its sustainability credentials are equally impressive, minimizing carbon and water footprints while expediting permitting processes to meet urgent lithium supply needs.

The EC2 system, renowned for its modular design and adaptability, supports diverse source inputs such as brine, evaporation, and recycling. It can be deployed in full or in standalone stages, integrating seamlessly with existing infrastructure and offering the option to enhance production efficiency through SmartOps AI.

Having undergone rigorous bench and field testing, including a successful commercial proving system with SLB in 2023, alkaLi remains committed to flexibility in business models. It continues Gradiant’s tradition of providing producers with a zero CAPEX option where alkaLi builds, owns, and operates the solution.

Prakash Govindan, COO of Gradiant, emphasized their commitment to holistic environmental solutions, stating, “Demand for lithium is escalating, and accelerating production solutions is imperative. This drive led us to establish alkaLi as an independent entity solely focused on maximizing battery-grade lithium production efficiency.”

Siva Kumar Kota, Head of Technology, highlighted Gradiant’s innovative RO Infinity with Counter-Flow Reverse Osmosis technology as the backbone of EC2. This technology significantly reduces energy and water consumption, pushing concentration limits towards saturation without the environmental impacts of older technologies.

alkaLi’s EC2 system redefines industry benchmarks across three critical stages:

  1. Extraction: Utilizing advanced resins and membranes to achieve unprecedented levels of lithium extraction efficiency, yielding a high-purity lithium stream and a secondary Li-lean stream for further processing.
  2. Concentration: Powered by CFRO technology, EC2 minimizes energy consumption while concentrating lithium solutions to battery-grade levels. CFRO I handles the Li-rich stream, while CFRO II treats the Li-lean stream to meet regulatory standards swiftly.
  3. Conversion: The concentrated lithium is then converted into battery-grade lithium carbonate (Li2CO3) or lithium hydroxide (LiOH), ensuring optimal purity and suitability for diverse industrial applications.

alkaLi’s launch signifies a pivotal moment in advancing sustainable lithium production, underscoring its commitment to innovation and environmental stewardship in the global energy landscape.

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