GE’s g3 technology accelerates Denmark’s decarbonization sweats

GE’s g3 technology accelerates Denmark’s decarbonization sweats

GE Renewable Energy’s Grid results business( NYSE- GE) has been awarded a contract from Energinet, proprietor, driver, and inventor of transmission systems for electricity and natural gas in Denmark, for 31 SF6-free gas- isolated substation( Civilians) kudos. These kudos, to be installed at the Amagerværket( AMV) and Vigerslev Koblingsstation( VIK) substations in Copenhagen, will support this megacity’s electrical grid to support its steadily adding population growth and electrification docket.
Grounded on its charge to insure that the Danish energy system and grids are “ prepared for a future with 100 renewable energy ”, Energinet named GE’s assiduity- leading g3( pronounced “ g ”- cubed) gas as a game- changing volition to SF6 — a potent hothouse gas. GE’s g3 gas has a global warming eventuality( GWP) of about 99 lower compared to SF6. also, g3 products have a significantly bettered life cycle assessment( LCA) compared with SF6 products and other druthers

The design compass includes the delivery of two ready- to- operate 145 kV F35g double busbar gas- isolated substations using GE’s g3 volition separating and switching gas. With 22 kudos, AMV will be the largest substation installation using g3 Civilians at the 145 kV position to date. The VIK substation will correspond of 9 kudos.
To date, a aggregate of three Danish serviceability Energinet, Cerius, and Radius Elnet- have installed GE’s g3 products on their electrical grids. It’s a farther step forward in Denmark’s plans to reduce its hothouse gas emigrations by 70 in 20301 and come a resource-effective frugality entirely independent of fossil energies by 20502. To support its hothouse gas policy, Denmark has assessed a high duty of€ 577 per kg on SF63, making GE’s g3 products indeed more seductive to its transmission and distribution system drivers( TSOs).

“ mileage drivers in Denmark are veritably apprehensive of their environmental footmark and the impact it has on their communities and the world around them, ” said Eric Chaussin, Senior Executive High Voltage Products Division Leader at GE’s Grid results. “ And they are n’t alone. moment, further than 30 leading electrical serviceability from 13 European countries and South Korea have formerly espoused GE’s g3 products for their high voltage networks, avoiding the addition of further than a million tons of CO2 fellow to the grid. That’s the fellow of removing about half a million petrol buses from the road for one time. ”
A report from the EU Commission concluded that fluoronitrile- grounded gas fusions similar as g3 gas may be the only separating and switching gas volition to SF6 when space is a constraint, similar as in civic areas. That’s because fluoronitrile- grounded gas products feature the same conciseness and performance as traditional SF6 outfit, unlike other SF6-free results.

GE’s g3 gas- insulated products are presently available for live- tank circuit- combers and Civilians up to 145 kV, as well as binary gas- insulated lines( GIL) up to 420 kV. also, in March 2022, GE unveiled the world’s first 420 kV, 63 kA g ³ Civilians circuit- swell prototype. For further information on GE’s high- voltage g3 substation outfit and product roadmap, visit our website.

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