Georgia Power highlights habitat conservation efforts for last week of Environmental Awareness Month

Georgia Power highlights habitat conservation efforts for last week of Environmental Awareness Month

In honor of the fourth week of Environmental Awareness Month this September, Georgia Power is highlighting its efforts around protecting and managing habitats throughout the state, like the company’s right-of-way management, including special management areas for rare plants just like the Georgia aster and therefore the smooth purple coneflower.

Georgia Power solar farm pollinator research could improve soil quality, benefit wildlife and pollinators and lower maintenance costs.

At Georgia Power our projects work towards conservation, restoration and awareness, in order that future generations will have a prosperous, healthy and delightful place to call home. There are four major conservation areas the corporate is highlighting as a neighborhood of Environmental Awareness Month: Land, Sensitive Species, Waterways and Habitats.

Last week, the corporate featured its efforts around improving and protecting Georgia’s waterways and therefore the species that sleep in them, like shoal bass. The second week, Georgia Power highlighted conservation of sensitive species, including the gopher turtle , Georgia’s state reptile. together of the oldest living species native to Georgia and a keystone species of pitch pine forests, it supports many other species. Georgia Power began the month featuring its land management practices, including maintaining and operating over 100,000 acres of land, 60,000 acres of water and quite 15 lake properties because the largest non-governmental provider of public recreation in Georgia.

Week 4: We Protect and Manage Habitats

Transmission Rights-of-Way Management – With approximately 12,000 miles of high-voltage transmission lines under our control, Georgia Power utility arborists maintain permanently open corridors across the state to make sure system reliability. Transmission rights-of-way can provide a number of the sole meadow habitat available for shade-intolerant plant species. These plants are often critical for pollinator species like butterflies or bees. Some segments along the company’s rights-of-way are managed specifically to conserve plants of interest by altering mowing or spraying schedules.

Georgia Aster – The Georgia aster may be a angiosperm that thrives within the open habitat of transmission rights-of-way. In 2014, Georgia Power was one among nine signatories to a Candidate Conservation Agreement (CCA) to conduct research, surveys, and management for Georgia aster. Since this agreement, the corporate has located numerous new populations on our rights-of-way in northern and middle Georgia.
Special Management Areas – Georgia Power lands and rights-of-way sites provide habitat for rare plants and are often designated as Special Management Areas. albeit standard management practices are usually sufficient for maintaining these populations, we protect these sites or alter management practices to reinforce the viability of those populations. In some cases, rare plants are restored to acceptable sites.

Smooth Purple Coneflower – the graceful Coneflower is an endangered plant now only found in two counties in Georgia (Stephens and Habersham) it’s a prairie plant and features a smooth stem and drooping pink petals. Typical habitat for the coneflower is open woods, cedar barrens, roadsides, clear-cuts, dry limestone bluffs, and power cable rights-of-way, usually on magnesium- and calcium-rich soils.
Pollinator scientific research – In partnership with the electrical Power Research Institute (EPRI), Georgia Power has sponsored a pollinator habitat attempt to advance the understanding, use and management of specific groundcover solutions around and beneath installed solar arrays. These solutions have the potential to foster soil quality improvements, improving benefits to wildlife and pollinators and lowering integrated solar-facility maintenance costs (see photo).

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