Gecko Robotics and Ambit Grant Town Partner to Use AI-Powered Software and Advanced Robotics to Improve Energy Reliability for Communities in West Virginia

Gecko Roboticsthe industry leader in using AI-powered software and advanced robotics to maintain, operate and build the world’s most important physical infrastructure, today announced a partnership with American Bituminous Power Grant Town, a West Virginia power plant that provides energy to the Grant Town Community. Through this three-year partnership, Ambit will leverage Gecko’s newly-launched AI-powered Cantilever platform that combines the power of data-collecting robots, data integration, analytic tools and software modules to reduce outages.

“We are partnering with Gecko to drastically reduce forced outages,” said Steve Friend, Plant Manager of American Bituminous Power. “Until Gecko we have not been able to accurately predict where our equipment is going to fail before it does. With Gecko, we can stop these outages from happening by making smarter repairs, which at the end of the day is what improves energy reliability and affordability for our customers.”

The partnership between American Bituminous Power and Gecko Robotics represents a significant step forward in the digitization of the power industry. By leveraging robots, data and AI, Grant Town Power Plant will be able to improve the efficiency and reliability of its operations while also reducing costs.

“This is about showing the way in the power industry,” said Gecko Robotics Co-founder and CEO Jake Loosararian. “For more than a decade our robots have been gathering data on boilers and helping customers prevent forced outages. With the introduction of Cantilever, we are bringing software and AI into the equation to supercharge this effort and give plant managers incredible clarity. There is no more guesswork – we can predict exactly what will fail, automate repair plans using AI to maximize budgets and increase the useful life of customer infrastructure. Each outage we avoid impacts the end customer’s wallet and air they are breathing.”

Cantilever works by collecting data from assets using Gecko’s advanced robotics and smart sensors. This data is then integrated with other data sources, such as maintenance records, operations history and other business data, to provide a comprehensive view of asset health, identify damage and recommend specific repair plans.

To learn more about Gecko Robotics, please visit You can also register for our upcoming webinar on January 10, 2024, at 2 pm ET to learn more about Gecko Robotics’ work with Grant Town to reduce forced outages.

About Gecko Robotics

Gecko Robotics helps the world’s most important organizations protect their physical assets. Gecko’s robots capture data at previously unheard-of scale and fidelity, climbing pipelines, boilers, tanks, ship hulls, and much more in search of damage, no matter how subtle. Gecko’s software, in turn, enables human experts to contextualize that data and translate it into action. Cantilever is Gecko’s turn-key asset management solution, featuring robotic inspections, data integration, analytic tools, and software modules. By bringing together data layers that were not previously possible, Cantilever is driving important decisions for customers that increase uptime, decrease costs, and eliminate safety issues.

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