GE Vernova awarded 9HA gas turbine order for Zhoushan, China’s largest archipelago

GE Vernova’s Gas Power business (NYSE: GE) and Harbin Electric (HE) today announced that Chinese State Development & Investment Corp., Ltd. (SDIC) Jineng (Zhoushan) Gas Power Generation Co., Ltd., has ordered two GE 9HA.02 gas turbines for a new combined cycle power plant located in the Zhoushan archipelago in Zhejiang Province, China. The plant is expected to deliver nearly 1.7 gigawatts (GW) of electricity to power demand for China’s largest archipelago—comprised of 1390 islands—with lower emissions that coal-fired alternatives and supporting the developing of nearby marine industrial clusters. The first unit is scheduled to begin commercial operation by the end of 2025 and it is expected to burn up to 10 percent by volume of green hydrogen blended with natural gas in the future.

GE Vernova and Harbin Electric will provide us with the highest standard of quality and reliability for our Zhoushan power plant with GE’s latest and most advanced gas turbine technology driving the way for reliable, affordable, and lower-carbon electricity for the area,” said Tan Peidong, General Manager of SDIC Jineng Gas Power Generation Co., Ltd. “We ordered GE’s H-Class technology for its ability to generate significant electrical output in a flexible and efficient way—crucial for the development of the maritime cluster—while helping to ensure reliability of supply in the over 130 urbanized islands of the archipelago.”

With their large capacity and flexibility, these gas turbines can help increase the stability and reliability of the grid, with natural gas producing the lowest CO2 emissions of all fossil power generation fuels, and bolster development in Zhoushan. Switching from a coal plant to its gas equivalent can alone reduce emissions by as much 60%, when using the most advanced HA gas turbines. The plant can provide an equivalent capacity which could be produced by burning 1.35 million tons of coal annually.

The project is the first H-class gas-fired power generation project in Zhejiang Province and is consistent with the 14th Five-Year Plan of the People’s Republic of China, where Zhoushan has been positioned as a pivotal hub for the maritime economic development of East China’s Zhejiang province. This is the first time Zhejiang has clearly designated Zhoushan as “marine central cities” in the province. According to the guideline, Zhejiang will construct two marine industrial clusters during the 14th Five-Year Plan (2021-25) period which will benefit from the development of a green hydrogen hub to be stationed in the archipelago.

The new power plant will use the two GE HA gas turbines, which can turn on or off quickly, to help meet the growing power demand of Zhoushan Power Grid, improving the regional energy structure. By doing so, the turbines can support the growth of renewables, which rely on natural gas power to step in when wind or solar isn’t available, enhancing Zhejiang Province’s power supply capacity and power grid peak shaving capability.  In addition, to further advance on the path towards decarbonization and the Province’s implementation of national goal of carbon peak and carbon neutrality by 2060, the Office of Zhoushan Municipal People’s Government is committed on accelerating the development of a hydrogen hub in Zhoushan.

We applaud SDIC’s commitment and investment in this project” said Ma Jun, General Manager of Heavy-Duty Gas Turbine Sales of GE Gas Power China. “GE is honored to supply SDIC with our most advanced 9HA gas turbines as part of our long-term strategic cooperation with Harbin Electric. The 9HA.02 DLN2.6e combustion system is designed to operate on up to 50% hydrogen by volume, well above the plant’s initial goal to operate on up to 10% hydrogen, offering a future pathway to SDIC for even lower carbon emitting operations in the future.”

GE Vernova has secured five projects powered by ten GE H-class gas turbines in China’s mainland, which are expected to provide an installed capacity of more than 8GW when fully in operation. GE has announced orders including three 9HA.02 gas turbines for the Guangdong Energy Group Co., Ltd’s  Dongguan Ningzhou power plant, two 9HA.01 gas turbines for Guangdong Huizhou power plant expected to burn up to 10 percent by volume of hydrogen blended with natural gas upon start of operation and three 9HA.01 gas turbines for Shenzhen Energy Group Corporation’s Guangming power plant.  In addition, GE Vernova provided the equipment to support the coal-to-gas transition of China Huadian Tianjin Junliangcheng Power Generation Co., Ltd.’s Junliangcheng power plant which has been in operation since 2021.

Based in China for over 40 years, GE Vernova has been delivering innovative products and services that create significant value for its gas power generation customers to tackle the energy transition challenge. Gas Power serves more than 100 customers and more than 200 gas turbines in China’s mainland, with an installed power capacity of approximately 46 GW.

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