GE Research and Prolec GE Power Up World’s 1st Large Flexible Motor to Enhance the Resiliency of America’s Grid

GE Research and Prolec GE Power Up World’s 1st Large Flexible Motor to Enhance the Resiliency of America’s Grid

In what represents a major step toward contemporizing the foundation of our nation’s grid, GE Research and Prolec GE have teamed with Cooperative Energy to develop and install the world’s 1st flexible large power motor at the mileage’s major substation in Columbia, Mississippi. This substation is part of a service network that delivers power to nearly a half million homes and businesses across Mississippi.

The motor, rated at 165kV,60/80/100 MVA and developed as part of an ongoing design funded through theU.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Office of Electricity, has begun six months of field confirmation to assess its performance and understand how this new technology could transfigure grid operation in the future.
Mills are part of the backbone of electricity grids, regulating the inflow of power from generation shops, where electricity is produced, through transmission and distribution power lines to be delivered to people’s homes and businesses. Historically, the being structure has performed reliably well. But as advanced probabilities of renewables like wind and solar power come online, new mills, with much lesser inflexibility in impedance, will be needed to support the grid in voltage regulation, stability, fault operation, and transmission lines restoration and resiliency. This new large flexible motor technology is poised to help meet this need.

“ The Department of Energy’s$2.4 million investment to develop this first-of-its- kind flexible motor will help make the grid more flexible to severe rainfall events, further secure from cyberattacks, and handle further clean energy sources to power the places we live and work,” said Secretary of Energy JenniferM. Granholm. “ It’s yet another illustration of the invention that’s possible when the public and private sectors unite to make new technologies then at home that ameliorate the well- being of the American people.”
“ Strengthening our grid and easing the transition to a more renewable-ferocious energy portfolio will bear a more flexible structure, including mills, to manage the wider range of voltage and frequence oscillation that mileage drivers will see,” said Ibrahima Ndiaye, Technology Manager at GE Research Center and design leader. “ Our flexible large power motor, a world-first, will deliver unknown inflexibility to not only manage more dynamic grids, but do so in a way that could revise the resiliency of the grid in fault operation, spare content and rigidity for grid restoration.”

“ Cooperative Energy, as a member- concentrated electric collaborative, is continually working to modernize and maintain our transmission system, therefore icing its adaptability and trustability,” said JeffC. Bowman, chairman and CEO of Cooperative Energy. “ Advanced tackle and grid factors similar as the flexible large power motor will help us meet numerous of the challenges our assiduity faces, now and in the future, and insure dependable service. It’s an instigative occasion for Cooperative Energy to prop in advancing the modernization of the nation’s electric grid.”
“ After all the exploration, development and thorough testing, the new flexible motor technology has begun a field confirmation to authenticate its performance and demonstrate how this technology could lead to a major grid operation change, said Pedro Puente, R&D Director at Prolec GE. “ It’s instigative for us to share in the metamorphosis of the nation’s electric grid, relating the challenges and the openings that led us to produce one of the coming- generation technologies for the effective, flexible, and dependable delivery of electricity. The innovative flexible impedance technology has been successfully patented.”
World’s 1st Large Flexible Motor
Caption The world’s 1st large flexible motor installed and witnessing field confirmation at Cooperative Energy’s major substation in Columbia,MS. Photo credit Cooperative Energy

Ndiaye noted that the preface of new motor technologies is coming at a vital time for the nation’s grid structure. Moment, further than 70 of theU.S installed large motor base (> 60MVA) is 25- times or aged, with around 15 exceeding the average life expectation of 40 times. Gradational relief of the being line with further flexible power motor results would greatly expand the grid capacity and accommodate further renewable coffers and largely variable loads.

GE Research has been working nearly with the Prolec GE platoon to develop the flexible motor technology and mate with Cooperative Energy on the field demonstration.

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