GE- BOND institute awarded corner contract to make high-voltage electrical systems for Empire Offshore Wind 1 in New York

GE- BOND institute awarded corner contract to make high-voltage electrical systems for Empire Offshore Wind 1 in New York

A especially formed institute between GE Renewable Energy’s Grid Results and New York- grounded BOND Civil & Utility Construction moment blazoned it has been awarded an EPC (Engineering, Procurement & Construction) contract from Empire Offshore Wind, a common adventure between Equinor and bp, to supply a state-of-the- art digital onshore substation for Conglomerate Wind 1, one of New York’s first coastal wind ranch systems. New York is on a path to achieve its commanded thing of a zero- emigration electricity sector by 2040, including 70 percent renewable energy generation by 2030, and to reach frugality wide carbon impartiality.
Conglomerate Wind 1 is planned for an area of acres, in civil waters, an normal of 20 country miles south of Long Island, east of the Rockaways. Once functional, it’ll power further than New York homes. Project mates conducted original community outreach to insure a cooperative and transparent construction process, share information about original job openings, and establish trusted working connections with all stakeholders and frontal- line communities, and will continue to do so throughout the construction process.

The GE- BOND institute led by GE’s Grid Results will be responsible for delivering the onshore substation and connection string in Brooklyn, New York City, on an EPC base, as well as designing and supplying the high-voltage electrical systems for the coastal substation. Engaged with Equinor since thePre-FEED phase (Pre- Front End Engineering Design), GE’s AC Systems Group coordinated the perpetration of digital substations including advanced digital monitoring, controls, and software systems, GE will give the critical connection and power balance demanded between the coastal wind ranch and the point of connection to the NY electrical grid. BOND Civil & Utility will be responsible for all aspects of construction of the onshore substation and connection string, point restoration, and high voltage electric outfit installation for the South Brooklyn Marine Terminal (SBMT) substation. Development of the onshore and coastal substations will start this time, with construction anticipated to begin during the alternate half of 2023.
GE’s Grid Results and BOND Civil and Utility plan to open a design office in Brooklyn, NYC that will host the complete design brigades. GE and BOND are also committed to give openings to New York grounded suppliers and contractors to be part of this instigative design.

The Brooklyn outstation will serve as a mecca for Equinor and bp’s Conglomerate Wind and Beacon Wind systems that will supply3.3 gigawatts (GWs) of energy — enough to power nearly two million New York homes. The complex will be converted into a major staging and assembly installation for the assiduity, as well as a long- term operations and conservation base. Equinor lately blazoned a New York design office located in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, opposite the South Brooklyn Marine Terminal.
“ This contract award marks another big step for the Conglomerate Wind design. Through this commitment we will continue to advance this flagship coastal wind development, generating original jobs and shaping the growth of this assiduity. Together with our mate bp, Equinor will deliver homegrown, renewable energy to New York homes, making a substantial donation to the New York state’s leading climate intentions,” says Siri Espedal Kindem, chairman of Equinor Wind US.

“ As the institute leader for the Conglomerate Wind 1 EPC contract, we’re agitated to move ahead with this corner design,” said Johan Bindele, AC Systems Business Leader at GE’s Grid Results. “ The award of Conglomerate Wind 1 is evidence to our leadership and moxie of our AC Systems Project Group in North America and its capability of integrating turnkey high voltage electrical systems for the interspersing current (AC) coastal request to help accelerate the energy transition in the US. Over the once 15 times, GE has been awarded significant contracts to deliver high-voltage AC systems for 18 coastal wind systems, connecting 5 GW of coastal wind granges. I would like to thank our mate BOND Civil & Utility Construction for their fidelity and collaboration over the last three times to develop and optimize the specialized result that enabled us to secure this major deal.”
Kane Cuddy, President, BOND Civil & Utility Construction, said “ We’re thrilled with Equinor and bp’s vote of confidence in BOND Civil & Utility’s capabilities to execute on the Conglomerate Wind 1 design. We look forward to bringing over a century of experience in generation, transmission, and distribution construction to insure clean energy delivery to guests and working with GE’s Grid Results on this state-of-the- art substation and major renewable energy design to help New York State meet its ambitious clean energy and climate pretensions.”

GE’s Grid Results has developed both high-voltage interspersing current (AC) and high-voltage direct current (HVDC) coastal wind systems and aims to remain a leader in coastal wind transmission encyclopedically. In addition, by using the advantages of GE’s IEC 61850 digital substation, it’ll give the inflexibility, real- time data and remote monitoring capabilities demanded to insure system trustability.
BOND Civil & Utility has been a leading structure, civil, mileage and energy construction establishment for over a century in New England, the Northeast, and theMid-Atlantic, and has served as a colonist in the construction of underground electric transmission and distribution systems for some of the largest mileage companies in the Northeast. As a full- service, tone- performing civil and mileage contractor, and a Top 25 Mileage Contractor in New York City, BOND Civil & Utility has constructed over 60 country miles of underground transmission electrical lines, as well as both Brownfield and Greenfield Civilians and AIS substation systems, across nine countries throughout New England and theMid-Atlantic. BOND Civil & Utility established a New York headquarters in the Bronx, New York City in 2015, operates in all five megalopolises and employs over 100 original workers.