GE announces winner of Innovation Challenge to address energy challenges in Taiwan

GE announces winner of Innovation Challenge to address energy challenges in Taiwan

GE (NYSE GE) moment blazoned the winners of the GE Innovation Challenge, for which six brigades from Taiwan (three pupil groups and three elite groups) were named from among 116 cessions to admit cash prizes valued at overNT$ 1 million in total. In collaboration with the Taoyuan City Government (TCG) and Taiwan Power Company (TPC), the challenge, a first in Asia, was organized to crowdsource for ideas to increase electricity force and decarbonize the power sector, and reduce energy demand and consumption, in line with the government’s pretensions to strengthen energy trustability and sustainability towards a low carbon future in Taiwan.
To make a sustainable, flexible and inclusive Taoyuan City, the megacity government is concentrated on expanding its renewable energy sources throughout all sectors and transubstantiating into a indirect frugality. In Taiwan, the public government has set a thing to phase out all nuclear power sources within its energy blend by 2025 and increase the use of natural gas to 50, while reducing the use of coal, and adding renewable coffers. This creates openings for presto, flexible, more effective gas technologies that will help balance the country’s electricity grid and meet unborn demand. Mayor of Taoyuan City, Cheng Wen-Tsan, said “ Taiwan’s energy metamorphosis policy is grounded on the principles of coal reduction, gas increase, green development, andnon-nuclear clean energy development. The government has laboriously invested in energy metamorphosis in recent times, enforcing original energy governance and promoting renewable energy development, with the loftiest quantum of renewable energy installations in northern counties and metropolises, including409.574 MW of solar power installations, which has grown 78 times further than before the upgrade. On the path to energy metamorphosis, citizen participation is one of the keys to success, whether it’s to increase or save electricity. The megacity government, GE Gas Power and TPC have banded to hold the Innovation Challenge, which will enable Taoyuan to involve further citizens in original energy governance in the future.”

Says TPC President, Chung Bin-Li, “ Thanks to the support of Taoyuan City Government and GE Gas Power, and everyone who cares about environmental sustainability. Together, we work for a better future.”
GE Gas Power Asia President and CEO, Ramesh Singaram, said “ Through the GE Innovation Challenge, we’ve seen ideas that can help Taiwan achieve its decarbonization pretensions. I’m impressed by the quality of Taiwan’s gift and invention, as well as commitment to contributing to the country’s growth. We’re thankful to the Taoyuan City Government and Taiwan Power Company for supporting the challenge, which we hope enhances general mindfulness of Taiwan’s energy issues. This is crucial to addressing climate change and enabling a path to a lower- carbon emitting world in the future.”

10 finalists for each of the pupil and elite orders advanced to the final round, to present their ideas to a panel of judges from GE, TPC, TCG and Chung Yuan Christian University and Chien Hsin University of Science and Technology. For the elite order, DOMI was named as winner for its offer “ Lighting unlimited stopgap”, which is an innovative model that links banks electronically with families in need and replaces their lighting and saves electricity. The alternate prize went to EcofirstCo.,Ltd., for its ground- breaking idea of an air- exertion system with an AI- controlled water bite that can cut energy operation by 45. Sustainable Systems won the third prize for its idea of a public carbon collection action that uses an internet- grounded carbon- reduction business model.
For the pupil order, Hot Rongrong (熱榕榕) won first prize for their idea for a Combined Heat and Power Cogeneration System and Hot Water Supply Module which applies invention to traditional technology with evidence-of- conception. Cutting Water (相交水) and Peach’s (桃)micro-water system was named for the alternate prize and seeks to break energy and water pollution by using seamster and hydro creator systems at water recycling centers. The third prize was awarded to a offer for a Wind Digester designed by scholars from the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, which transfers and reduces wind pressure on high- rise surface structures, and solves structural issues while generating electricity.

The GE open invention challenge garnered interest from assiduity experts, academia, as well as the youth to cultivate innovative ideas and fete gift in Taiwan. Comprising of two orders, the elite and pupil groups, winners of each order will be granted cash prizes to further develop their ideas first place winner will admitNT$, alternate place will admitNT$, and third place will admitNT$. In addition, a special prize ofNT$ each will be awarded to 10 scholars. Any prize moneybags paid out may be subject to deductions for duty as needed by original laws.
GE has been playing an important part in supporting the development of Taiwan since 1961. Moment, GE’s footmark in Taiwan includes ten services across eight locales, including further than 450 workers in Taipei, in the Healthcare, Aviation and Power businesses. With GE’s global experience across different diligence, GE is well- deposited to support Taiwan’s 5 2 Industrial Innovation Plan, which focuses on seven diligence and systems that will promote invention, produce high- income job openings, and support balanced development in high- value business sectors.

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