FuturMaster Launches ‘Forecast at Scale’: Introducing A New Era in Demand Planning

FuturMaster, a leader in Supply Chain Planning solutions, today unveils its groundbreaking innovation, ‘Forecast at Scale’. Combining Machine Learning with an unprecedented capacity for processing massive datasets, ‘Forecast at Scale’ enables companies to reduce volatility by leveraging demand closer to consumers. It also considers external variables impacting demand, such as weather, events, and social trends.

Forecast at Scale’ technology marks a transformative shift in utilizing data closer to consumers, often underutilized in current practices. It enables businesses to harness this data as a strategic asset, significantly enhancing ROI and providing a competitive edge in data-driven decision-making.

Gilles Lefebvre, Chief Product and R&D Officer at FuturMaster, comments: “We’re thrilled to introduce ‘Forecast at Scale’ by FuturMaster, an innovation that redefines demand planning and aligns with our vision of helping companies ‘unleash’ the complexities of their supply chains and turn them into competitive advantages. Amidst today’s volatile and uncertain business landscape, ‘Forecast at Scale’ empowers businesses to thrive.”

Key Features of ‘Forecast at Scale’:

  • Enhanced Big Data Processing: Combines distributed storage and massively parallel processing to handle vast data volumes efficiently.
  • Dynamic Forecast Model Selection System: This system categorizes products and locations based on specific sales patterns, such as seasonal, stationary, or discrete. It then selects a tailored pool of forecast models for each category. Utilizing artificial intelligence, the system automatically determines and applies the most suitable forecast model for each product and location, ensuring optimal accuracy and efficiency in forecasting.
  • AI-Driven External Variable Integration: Employs artificial intelligence to autonomously assess and incorporate relevant external variables into the analysis for each product and location based on sales pattern. Transforms relevant raw data into actionable insights, providing a comprehensive view of each product and location’s performance and enhancing its forecast accuracy.
  • Real-Time OLAP and Adjustment Capabilities: Enables instantaneous analysis and on-the-fly forecast adjustments, even with large datasets, facilitating more agile and informed business strategies.

FuturMaster’s Bloom Demand Planning, now enhanced with ‘Forecast at Scale,’ is available to both new and existing clients, marking a new milestone in FuturMaster’s commitment to driving innovation in supply chain planning.

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