further than people take part in the 9th Run Against Cancer in Madrid organised by the AECC with the backing of Iberdrola

Further than people take part in the 9th Run Against Cancer in Madrid organised by the AECC with the backing of Iberdrola
Iberdrola, a main mate of the Spanish Association Against Cancer since 2015, is one of the companies that contributes utmost to the fight against cancer in Spain.
Through its” Together against cancer” action, it has contributed near to four million euros in common conduct and donations with guests.
Iberdrola collaborates formerly again this time in the IX Madrid Race Against Cancer organised by the Spanish Association Against Cancer in Madrid, maintaining its commitment to this action since 2016. Its collaboration is part of the agreement between the two organisations to work both on exploration to ameliorate the opinion and treatment of cancer and to raise social mindfulness in the fight against thedisease.For seven times, the company has been the main mate of the Association and, thus, one of the companies that contributes utmost to the fight against cancer in Spain, specifically to exploration systems. This time, a renewal of this collaboration has been inked for the coming two times, until the end of 2023, as a clear commitment to perfecting people’s quality oflife.More than runners took part in the race, which started on the Paseo de la Castellana after the slice of a strip in the colours of Ukraine, a veritable green drift of solidarity that included cases, experimenters, sanitarium groups and citizens apprehensive of the complaint. It’s worth pressing the presence of three triathletes from the Universo Mujer programme, supported by Iberdrola, María Casal, Citation quarterfinalist in the 2021 Junior World Championship; Iratxe Arenal, 2020 Spanish Junior Triathlon champion; and Paula del Pozo, ninth in the Lievin Elite EuropeanCup.The awards form was attended by Iberdrola’s Commercial Delegate in Madrid, Antonio Armengot, together with the Mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez-Almeida; the City Council’s Director General for Sport, Alicia Martín; and the President of the Association in Madrid, Laura Ruiz de Galarreta. Armengot thanked the attendance”of so numerous Madrilenians who, with their participation this morning, have bepainted one of the megacity’s most recognisable avenues green, to raise mindfulness and do their bit in the fight against cancer, a commitment that Iberdrola has maintained for times, apprehensive that stable support is the most important for charitable causes”. On this occasion, a auto from Zity-a Madrid- grounded auto- participating company with which Iberdrola also has an alliance for sustainable mobility- was responsible for leading the race, carrying its scoreboard and guiding all the actors along theroute.TOGETHER AGAINST CANCER DONATION FROM Guests AND IBERDROLASince 2015, Iberdrola has also been promoting the action Juntos contra el cáncer ( Together against cancer), through which the company offers its guests the possibility of uniting with the Spanish Association Against Cancer, through their electricity or gas bill, and undertakes to contribute the same quantum as the client chooses to contribute per month. At present, nearly guests have inked up to this action, with a donation of four million euros, all of which is used to fund cancer exploration systems. Another of Iberdrola’s enterprise is to be the main guarantor of four periodic races-the most multitudinous in Spain- held in three Spanish metropolises each time in Madrid on 27 March and in Valladolid, Zamora and Murcia in the last quarter of the time. The electricity company reaffirms its social commitment through enterprise that ameliorate the quality of life of the people who form part, not only of its organisation, but of society in general, as a sign of its donation to sustainable development.