Florida Power & Light and GE Digital Launch State-of-the- Art Microgrid Control Laboratory at the University of Central Florida

Florida Power & Light and GE Digital Launch State-of-the- Art Microgrid Control Laboratory at the University of Central Florida

Moment, Florida Power & Light Company (FPL) and GE Digital celebrated the opening of the new slice- edge Microgrid Control Lab at the University of Central Florida (UCF). The lab will serve as a state-of-the- art exploration installation and control room for engineering faculty and scholars. FPL and GE Digital areco-sponsoring the lab at UCF, which will feature control center outfit and software that scholars will use to pretend and test real- life grid control operations, including chancing ways to optimize and keep the grid of the unborn secure.
“ The Microgrid Control Lab provides unknown access to a ultramodern grid control center that enables some of the brightest youthful minds in the country to unite, learn and help revise the energy grid of hereafter,” said Jim Walsh, General Manager of GE Digital’s Grid Software business. “ As renewable energy sources, like solar, continue to expand and evolve, the technology behind the grid has to keep up. It’s critical that electrical and computer engineering gift have real- life gests with the tackle and software than underpins the ultramodern grid helping serviceability securely deliver dependable clean energy.”

At moment’s lab opening form, leaders from the three associations shared in a panel discussion concentrated on the engineering places available to recent graduates in the energy sector and bandied openings for full- time employment. FPL and GE Digital together have roughly 400 UCF alumni in their workforces.
GE Digital also moment blazoned a new externship program that invests in the development of its platoon and unborn grid engineering leaders. The program will offer UCF scholars an ferocious experience in the serviceability and power sectors and help scholars develop logical and software development chops using arising technologies like artificial intelligence and machine literacy.

Presently, further than undergraduate and graduate scholars at UCF are studying electrical or computer engineering- disciplines that support energy systems and electricity grids. Another 500-plus UCF scholars have indicated they plan to pursue an electrical or computer engineering major once prerequisite coursework is completed.
UCF’s College of Engineering and Computer Science offers a power and renewable energy track as part of its undergraduate programs. In addition, a graduate instrument is offered in sustainable and flexible energy systems. Through a faculty collaboration called RISES-Flexible, Intelligent and Sustainable Energy Systems-UCF experimenters across multiple disciplines are working to develop sustainable and flexible energy systems and storehouse.

“ This new installation is exactly the kind of strategic cooperation that makes UCF a premiere choice for scholars with unborn-focused career pretensions. GE Digital and FPL have been both humanitarian investors and design collaborators in this lab, icing our scholars in this field will be assiduity-ready on day one of their careers,” UCF President Alexander Cartwright said. “ It’s a palm- palm. Our scholars get a commanding education in a lab terrain, and both companies open up a channel of inconceivable gift for their pool.”
The lab at UCF is designed to pretend the control center of a microgrid, a type of tone-sufficient energy system that incorporates solar or other renewable energy sources and battery storehouse to power a small-scale area, independent of a large-scale grid.

“ We’re agitated to bring this innovative exploration space to UCF engineering scholars,” said Ed De Varona, FPL’s Vice President of Transmission & Substation. “ The lab is a atrocious training ground for rising masterminds to work directly with the rearmost technologies and help upgrade and introduce the way energy is transmitted and distributed across the grid now and in the future.”
The lab aims at safe, dependable, effective and secure operation of large-scale distribution networks with extremely high penetration of renewables, a growing area in the energy assiduity. Through uniting with assiduity and mileage mates, UCF continues to offer scholars real- world openings as they prepare to go into careers that are shaping the future.