Fast-Weigh Bulk Material Accounting Software Announces New Silo Loadout Module

TAC Insight, a leading provider of cloud solutions for aggregates, asphalt, waste, and logistics, announces seamless integration with silo loadout systems.

TAC Insight’s Fast-Weigh software has released direct integration between its Scale Ticketing application and overhead silo loadout systems. Fast-Weigh users can now initiate asphalt, aggregate, and bulk material silo drops from within their existing scale software client, condensing the complexity of operating disparate systems into one simple interface. Fast-Weigh Loadout integrates with existing plant controls and has no impact on any manual controls or overrides in place for the plant.

For customers who need to load trucks from overhead bins or silos, this module provides many quality-of-life upgrades on current processes. Configurable safety controls ensure proper loadout protocols are followed prior to dropping material. Drop counts and percentages allow weight to be distributed evenly in the truck bed. Fast-Weigh’s advanced auto-learning capability ensures that drops are done with speed and precision, dramatically decreasing the time under silo for each truck.

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