Equity Investment in PT Kencana Energi Lestari, Tbk, Indonesia .

Equity Investment in PT Kencana Energi Lestari, Tbk, Indonesia
TEPCO RP’s First Equity Investment in an Overseas Renewable Energy Company

TEPCO Renewable Power,Inc. acquired 25 of the issued shares of PT Kencana Energi Lestari, Tbk (hereinafter appertained to as,” KEL”), a renewable energy company in Indonesia, thereby making the company an chapter. This marks the first equity investment by TEPCO Renewable Power,Inc. in an overseas renewable energy company that manages several power generation companies.

KEL is a renewable energy company in Indonesia that focuses on hydroelectric power and presently owns three hydroelectric power accessories. In the short term, the company also plans to make a new 200MW hydroelectric power factory, and in the medial/ long- term, KEL aims to develop a aggregate of 500MW of renewable energy through new systems.

Going forward, through KEL, TEPCO RP will apply our know- style of operation and conservation technology that we’ve cultivated over numerous times through our hydroelectric power business in Japan to the operation of hydroelectric power shops operated by accessories of KEL. We believe this will help to increase our value. TEPCO RP will continue to meditate other ways in which to share in the development, construction, and operation of new renewable energy systems in Indonesia.

While continuing to make hookups with domestic and overseas drivers, TEPCO RP will proactively promote the development of primarily overseas hydroelectric and domestic/ overseas coastal wind power systems. Through these enterprise we will maximize the gifts of nature to give a stable and low- cost source of electricity thereby contributing to the creation of a clean and sustainable carbon neutral society.

Commentary by the President of TEPCO RP
I feel both extremely happy and reassured to have capital participation in KEL, which is working to expand the use of renewable powers in Indonesia, thereby gaining a mate that can help us achieve our grueling ideal of getting carbon neutral by 2050.
Over numerous decades TEPCO RP has cultivated specialized prowess and know-how about the planning, construction, and O&M of hydroelectric power stations in Japan. We intend to work this specialized prowess and knowledge to the stylish of our capability not only in Japan, but overseas, as we embody our operation gospel of, “ Employing the Natural Coffers to Energy, and further to Society” on a global scale.

Commentary byMr. Henry Maknawi, President of KEL
.Kencana Energi Lestari develop and supply energy from renewable sources and we’ve started on a trip to develop hydropower. Going forward, we will expand our field of business to develop other renewable energy sources.
We believe our business should contribute to maintaining a sustainable society in the present and unborn. Our business success is dependent upon our fulfillment of our environmental and social liabilities, firm governance, the creation of lasting benefits for society, environmental conservation, and the achievement of our purpose as a company to deliver POWER OF GOOD.
Kencana Energi Lestari are veritably pleased to drink TEPCO RP as a strategic mate on our ongoing trip and we believe this strategic cooperation demonstrates our commitment to expanding renewable energy. We’d like to thank you for your interest in our company, and we’re looking forward to uniting into the future.