Eni: Greenpeace, ReCommon Seek Climate Lawsuit Suspension

Eni acknowledges the recent request from Greenpeace and ReCommon to suspend legal proceedings concerning a climate-related lawsuit filed against Eni last year. This request follows their submission for a jurisdictional review within the Italian context, although the jurisdiction had already been excluded from the broader “Giudizio Universale” case involving several associations and the Italian State on climate issues.

Eni disputes the rationale behind this suspension request, viewing it as an attempt to halt a lawsuit initiated by Greenpeace and ReCommon themselves. The presiding judge had already scheduled a hearing to decide on the matter for September 13, 2024.

The request for suspension risks prolonging the decision process, delaying a resolution that was nearing completion. Eni emphasizes that any delay could enable Greenpeace and ReCommon to continue their public relations efforts rather than engaging in the rigorous scrutiny and evaluation appropriate for courtroom proceedings.

Despite the lawsuit’s unfounded nature, Eni asserts that it has consistently provided the court with evidence demonstrating its adherence to proper practices, as well as its strategies for transformation and decarbonization. All pertinent documents have been transparently published on Eni’s website.

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