ENGIE launches an operation to support its small- to medium-sized suppliers in reducing their carbon emissions, in partnership with Bpifrance and ADEME

Diag Décarbon’Action, run by Bpifrance and codesigned with ADEME in partnership with the Association for the Low-Carbon Transition, aims to support companies in:

  • carrying out a greenhouse gas audit (direct and indirect emissions)
  • jointly building their transition plan to control the direct and indirect impact of their activity on the environment
  • promoting their commitment to their stakeholders.

Over a period of approximately 12 days spread over 6 to 8 months, decarbonisation plans are developed by independent consultancy firms, equipped and led by a dedicated team within Bpifrance with the technical support of the Association for the Low-Carbon Transition and ADEME, which also subsidises this scheme.

Diag Décarbon’Action is part of a joint ADEME-Bpifrance programme bringing together a range of financing and support solutions for green transition projects for companies. The ambition of this joint programme is to get all business leaders to rapidly and sustainably embrace a dynamic of change, thus accelerating the transition of the French economy while optimising the use of State resources.

ENGIE is studying the possibility of launching similar initiatives in other European countries, notably Italy, Romania, Germany and Spain. As part of its climate strategy, ENGIE is also committed to supporting its top 250 preferred suppliers, , so that they are all certified or aligned with the Science Based Targets initiative by 2030.

Quote from Catherine MacGregor, Chief Executive Officer of ENGIE

“I am delighted with this joint initiative with Bpifrance and ADEME, which is fully in line with ENGIE’s climate strategy and its target of achieving Net Zero Carbon throughout its value chain by 2045. At ENGIE, we are convinced that the energy transition to a decarbonised world can only be achieved with all our stakeholders on board. As a large industrial group, we have a special responsibility towards our suppliers and subcontractors, in particular very small to medium-sized companies, to help them initiate the decarbonisation of their businesses. This contributes to our efforts to make our procurement policy more inclusive.”

Quote from Nicolas Dufourcq, CEO of Bpifrance

“According to a recent Bpifrance Le Lab survey[1], 67% of the leaders of small to mid-sized businesses questioned say they will pay attention to environmental issues in 2023, compared with only 31% in 2020. It is our duty to help them adapt to meet this challenge and remain globally competitive,” says Nicolas Dufourcq, CEO of Bpifrance. “This partnership with ENGIE is naturally in line with our goal at Bpifrance, the climate bank, to support the energy and ecological transition of 20,000 companies. It encourages us to continue our door-to-door mass deployment of Diag Décarbon’Action, jointly built with our partners ADEME and the Association for the Low-Carbon Transition.”

Quote from Boris Ravignon, Chairman – CEO of ADEME

“After having created Diag Décarbon’Action with our partner Bpifrance, we are delighted to see players such as ENGIE taking it up and getting its entire value chain on board in the ecological and energy transition. ADEME, the French Agency for Ecological Transition, built this programme with exactly this sort of leverage in mind, and we strongly hope that it will encourage other flagships of the French economy to join the adventure.”

Source link: https://en.newsroom.engie.com/

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