ENGIE, Brookfield and Castignac enter into a cooperation with a view to helping to produce one of Europe’s largest carbon-neutral logistics centres

ENGIE, Brookfield and Castignac enter into a cooperation with a view to helping to produce one of Europe’s largest carbon-neutral logistics centres

The purpose of this ENGIE, Brookfield and Castignac cooperation is to help produce ane-commerce logistics installation at thee-Valley point, Cambrai’s former airbase in the Hauts-de-France region.
The cooperation will draw on ENGIE’s moxie in decarbonisation results and both Brookfield’s and Castignac’s regarding long- term, high- quality investments

ENGIE, Brookfield and Castignac have just blazoned the signing of a cooperation agreement covering the rollout of a set of decarbonisation results at thee-Valley logistics installation. The agreement was inked in the presence of Xavier Bertrand, President of the Hauts de France region. This ambitious design to convert Cambrai’s former airbase in the Hauts-de-France region into ane-commerce logistics installation is to be managed by Castignac and is impeccably in line with ENGIE’s end of being its guests’ favored mate for helping them to meet their net zero objects.
Brookfield ise-Valley’s maturity share proprietor and manages further thanUS$ 725 billion of means. With further than 360 spots in Europe, this leading investor operates in further than 30 countries and has a long- term commitment to investing in means and companies forming part of the indirect frugality. The group is particularly interested in renewable powers and in the energy transition, and is being supported by institutional investor operation platform Castignac to convert thee-Valley point. With,000 m ² of storehouse space, up to,000 m ² of service areas,,000 m ² of landholdings and an optimal geographical position that can be penetrated via amulti-modal platform, this installation aspires to getting one of Europe’s commanding decoration logistics capitals.

By using the results it offers, ENGIE is committed to enabling the point’s carbon-free expansion, and eventually
20 MW of low- carbon heating and refrigeration network capacity to serve all of the point’s storages, together with an exertion zone for general coffers structures;
MWp of solar power via a admixture of rooftop and auto demesne installations( solar canopies) and a ground- grounded solar ranch, establishinge-Valley as one of the largest private spots to produce such a high position of solar power;
tonnes/ time of BioCNG, BioLNG, H ² and biofuel handed by amulti-energy station installed at the point and used to power the logistics mecca’s inflow of vehicles;
electric vehicle charging stations made up of a mix of slow and fast dishes;
2.15 M m3/ time of biomethane produced by a biogas factory installed at the point.
Cécile Prévieu, ENGIE’s Administrative Vice President in charge of Energy results conditioning, said “ I’m veritably proud of this new cooperation, together with the trust that Brookfield and Castignac have placed in us. This design, which involves moxie right across ENGIE, showcases all of our know- style, as well as our commitment to delivering the energy transition at the heart of the regions we serve. We’re absolutely certain that developing this 100 carbon-free point is a major advance for thee-commerce and logistics sectors, and will enhance their appeal ”.

“ We’re pleased to be entering this strategic cooperation with ENGIE for thee-Valley design, which is completely in line with our end of mollifying the impact that our conditioning have on the terrain. Our long- term investments mandate both our investment strategy and our commitment to enforcing environmental, social and governance practices ”, said Brookfield’s elderly Vice President Dan Benhamou.

Castignac CEO David Taieb added “ With this cooperation and the moxie of a global group similar as ENGIE, thee-Valley design is formerly again demonstrating its righteous andeco-friendly nature we’ve converted an area of stand into an ecosystem made up of companies, training centres, employment agencies, and service areas. And the whole thing will soon be fully carbon-neutral ”.