ENGIE and Google conclude a Commercial PPA counting on Ocean Winds ’ offshore wind development

ENGIE and Google conclude a Commercial PPA counting on Ocean Winds ’ offshore wind development

ENGIE and Google to take over a 12- time 100 MW commercial power purchase
agreement( CPPA) supporting Moray West coastal wind development.
ENGIE will give Google with further than 5 TWh of green power from the Moray West design, a nearly
MW coastal wind ranch set to begin generating power from 2025.
Moray West is part of the portfolio being developed by Ocean Winds, a50/50 common adventure possessed by
EDP Renewables and ENGIE, devoted to coastal wind. Located in the Moray Firth, off the seacoast of
Scotland, the design will deliver 882 MW of renewable green energy. With this deal, ENGIE, Google
and Ocean Winds are supporting the UK’s ambitious energy transition targets.
“ People across the UK and Europe are decreasingly upset about climate change and energy security.
We partake that concern and believe technology is an important part of the result- both by reducing our
own emigrations, and by helping others to reduce their own ” declares Matt BRITTIN, President of
Google EMEA, adding “ This new investment in UK renewable energy brings us one step closer to
reaching our thing of operating entirely on carbon-free energy by 2030, and means that, in the UK, we ’ll
be running on at or near 90 carbon-free energy in 2025. ”
“ This PPA represents the consummation of coastal wind as a important source of energy able of meeting
the high energy demands and carbon impartiality targets of countries and guests. Ocean Winds is proud
to accompany Google in this trip and work hand in hand with ENGIE for this successful marketable
Outgrowth. presently developing, erecting, or operating further than 6 GW of coastal wind systems in the
UK, Ocean Winds participates laboriously in the necessary transition to clean energy ”, says Bautista
RODRIGUEZ, Ocean Winds ’ Chief Executive Officer.
“ We’re veritably pleased to support Google in its progress towards its carbon-free target. As a major player
in PPAs, ENGIE designs innovative green commercial PPAs for out- takers from coastal wind, thanks to
the strong development of Ocean Winds, as we do for our onshore renewable systems. This contract
demonstrates the strength of the Group’s renewable portfolio, with 37 GW of renewable means, a major
advantage for our guests in their decarbonization strategy, ” explains Paulo ALMIRANTE, ENGIE
Elderly EVP in charge of Renewables, Energy Management and Nuclear Conditioning.
Google and ENGIE have concluded several commercial green PPAs together and have partnered on a
number of crucial mileposts and inventions similar as the first24/7 Carbon Free Energy contract in Europe
and a result which uses artificial intelligence to optimise wind energy operation. This new
Commercial PPA with Google supports both Google’s24/7 carbon free energy ambition and ENGIE’s clean
energy strategy

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