Energy Hire, a Revolutionary AI-Enhanced Energy Industry Hiring Platform, Launches

The team that created Energy Freelance, the energy industry hiring platform that supports contractor engagements with seamless project management tools, announced the launch of Energy Hire, a robust new platform dedicated to full-time energy industry hiring and career development, featuring a groundbreaking suite of industry-specific machine learning (AI) tools.

“With this new platform, we are taking a bold step,” said Ryan Vinson, Energy Hire founder and chairman. “We are revolutionizing an old, fragmented way of hiring that has proved costly and inefficient for both hiring firms and energy industry job seekers.”

Before Energy Hire, energy companies relied on siloed website postings, generic employment platforms, and informal industry networking to fill increasingly specific talent needs. Meanwhile, job seekers were faced with a patchwork array of hiring portals and application protocols, and search engines that provided inaccurate responses to industry-specific requests.

“When you go to the generic recruiting sites, the specificity and modern diversity of energy hiring are not well represented,” said Energy Hire CEO Michael McCown. “The legacy platforms don’t know the lingo, they don’t know what the job titles mean, and they certainly haven’t built their algorithms to respond to our prompts. With Energy Hire, we’re providing that specificity — and we’re taking it a step further with custom AI tools that we’ve trained to respond to energy industry needs.”

The AI tools now available on the Energy Hire platform include a job description generator that instantly turns uploaded information into detailed job listings, and a candidate search tool that provides HR teams and recruiters with only the best, most perfectly matched candidates for each listing.

Those AI tools spring into action for job seekers as well, turning uploaded resumes and LinkedIn profiles into Energy Hire profiles, and matching those profiles against a massive industry jobs database that gets refreshed daily.

“With Energy Hire, you’ll only see the candidates and jobs you really want,” said McCown. “You won’t be picking up referrals that have ‘oil’ or ‘energy’ somewhere in the text, scraped by a software program that knows nothing about our industry. You’ll be getting carefully curated responses that genuinely fit your needs.”

In addition to the AI tools, Energy Hire has crafted verifiable review tools to give energy firms needed substantiation on profile information, and to help job seekers build a real presence on the site.

“When you’re a job seeker on Energy Hire, your entry isn’t just a one-off,” McCown continued. “You’re building a reputation that the whole industry can see. In fact, we don’t want you to sign up just to look for a specific job. We hope you’ll sign up to find your future in the industry.”

“With Energy Freelance, we made an important impact by streamlining project-based hiring,” concluded Vinson. “With the addition of the Energy Hire platform, we are taking energy industry hiring to the next level. This new platform will serve as the gold standard for the energy industry moving forward, fundamentally changing for the better how energy companies and professionals come together.”

About Energy Hire

Energy Hire is a revolutionary, tech-enabled platform dedicated to full-time energy industry hiring and career development. The Energy Hire platform is fully centered on the energy industry, and built by industry insiders with decades of experience in the field. The platform features a groundbreaking suite of machine learning (AI) tools, providing HR teams and recruiters with perfectly suited candidates and job seekers with openings that match their needs and qualifications. With Energy Hire, you can simplify the process of posting jobs and applying for positions, while building a trusted online presence for the life of your career.

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