Energy efficiency: Enel X builds two latest-generation photovoltaic systems for Smeg

Energy efficiency: Enel X builds two latest-generation photovoltaic systems for Smeg

Energy efficiency is at the guts of the synergy between Enel X and Smeg, two companies that make innovation linked to sustainability a pillar of their respective strategies. With this in mind, the Enel Group’s global line , which offers services to accelerate innovation and guide the energy transition, are going to be installing two photovoltaic plants of 1.9 MW at Smeg’s headquarters in Guastalla (province of Reggio Emilia) and 1.6 MW at the assembly site in Bonferraro (province of Verona), additionally to the prevailing plants. The plants are going to be equipped with cutting-edge, latest-generation technology which, because of the utilization of string inverters and power optimizers, will make it possible to watch production performance right down to the individual panel.

“With the interventions at Smeg group’s production sites, we are allowing our partner to accelerate along the trail to achieving sustainability goals through smart management of consumption,” said Augusto Raggi, Head of Enel X Italy. “The photovoltaic systems we’ve developed are fundamental for the reduction of CO2 emissions of the Customer’s production activities and represent the simplest technologies on the marketplace for the assembly of energy from renewable sources. so as to make value, it’s necessary to adopt behaviors that respect the environment and to believe reliable interlocutors who share an equivalent principles, and Enel X during this sense plays a number one role because of its know-how within the energy efficiency sector.”

“Technological innovation and respect for the environment are the activities during which Smeg has been engaged for over 70 years. the eye we pay to environmental issues has led us to pursue a particular objective: to contribute to creating our planet more eco-sustainable, partially by promoting the event of renewable energies with advanced projects that make us self-sufficient in terms of energy,” declared Vittorio Bertazzoni, Smeg CEO. “This deep conviction has led us over time to manage our energy policies in an increasingly efficient manner, to the purpose of investing in two new photovoltaic systems with which we’ll make sure that 25% of the energy utilized in our factories in Guastalla (province of Reggio Emilia) and Bonferraro di Sorgà (province of Verona) are going to be self-produced and green. per annum we’ll produce 4 GWh of energy through the 2 dedicated plants in these production sites, reducing the emission into the atmosphere of twenty-two ,000 tonnes of CO2 at the Guastalla site and 19,000 tonnes at the Bonferraro di Sorgà site. By the top of 2022, through a licensed supply process, we’ll be ready to meet the residual energy needs of all our group plants by supplying certified green electricity generated 100% from renewable sources and methane gas with zero impact on greenhouse emission emissions.

All this is often fully in line with the values that Smeg promotes: responsibility, sustainability, biodiversity and health, always with an eye fixed on the longer term .”

Enel X, through the interventions, will contribute to reducing the general consumption of the 2 sites by a mean of about 25%, avoiding the emission into the atmosphere of twenty-two ,000 tonnes of CO2 at the Guastalla (RE) site and 19,000 tonnes at the Bonferraro (VR) site over subsequent 25 years. additionally to the development of the systems, consisting of a complete of 9,217 JA solar photovoltaic modules equipped with power optimizers, Enel X also will ensure their maintenance for five years. Moreover, with this agreement, the primary steps are taken for the evaluation of a replacement cogeneration plant at the Bonferraro (VR) site, an extra step towards the creation of a distributed generation ecosystem. The creation of the photovoltaic system is a component of a worldwide project to maneuver towards sustainability which has always involved Smeg, a corporation dedicated to the responsible production of appliances that combine aesthetics and technological innovation. This project takes the shape of a group of environmental policies and targeted actions aimed toward creating collective value in accordance with the evolution of the world , like participation in territorial reforestation programs, conscious use of raw materials and investments aimed toward maximizing energy savings.

Enel X is that the Enel Group’s global line that gives services that accelerate innovation and drive the energy transition. A world leader in advanced energy solutions, Enel X manages services like demand response for about 7.4 GW of total capacity globally and 137 MW of installed storage capacity, also as 232,000 electric vehicle charging points made available worldwide1. Through its advanced solutions, including energy management, financial services and electric mobility, Enel X provides each partner with an intuitive and customised ecosystem of technology platforms and consulting services, focused on the principles of sustainability and circular economy so as to supply people, communities, institutions and corporations with an alternate model that respects the environment and integrates technological innovation into lifestyle . Each solution has the facility to rework decarbonisation, electrification and digitalisation goals into sustainable actions for all, so as to create a more sustainable and efficient world together.

1 Public and personal charging points. Includes interoperability points.


Founded in 1948, SMEG, whose name stands for “Smalterie Metallurgiche Emiliane Guastalla”, may be a proudly Italian company now within the third generation of the Bertazzoni family. Renowned for responsibly producing creations that combine technology and elegance , SMEG manufactures high-performance appliances, produced using advanced technologies to be used within the home and within the professional and medical sectors. For more information, visit and SMEG social profiles on Linkedin, Facebook and Instagram (@smegitalia).