Enel X supporting Italy’s largest farming company”Genagricola”on its sustainability and energy transition

Enel X supporting Italy’s largest farming company”Genagricola”on its sustainability and energy transition

The roundabout thrift as a regulator to wax inchmeal sustainable Genagricola, Italy’s largest farming company with cultivated hectares over 22 ranches throughout Italy, has chosen Enel X to achieve its target of waxing the first zero- impact Italian farming company. The Circular Economy Report produced by Enel X, the Enel Group’s global business line that offers services to accelerate concoction and drive the energy transition, was the starting point for the confederation that allowed Genagricola to assess the breathing circuitous maturity position of its conditioning as well as understand and identify concrete tools to begin its full decarbonization process.
“To start down a concrete sustainability path, it’s necessary to start from an analysis and measure of the present,” said Nicola Tagliafierro, Sustainability Exec of EnelX.”With our proposed innovative approach, we will accompany Genagricola through the entire ecological transition process, good to exhaustively satisfy the necessities of the business, increase its competitiveness and at the same time target the achievement of environmental marks.”

“At this matter-of-fact time, husbandry-and more generally the product system as a whole-has an obligation to redesign the energy pool reasoning to support product,” said Igor Boccardo, CEO of GenagricolaS.p.A.”Genagricola, which has always riveted on land protection issues, has taken up this challenge with a new motivation, chancing in Enel X a mate with whom to design its own energy transition process, with a meaning that’s as clear as it’s ambitious to run a model for the farming sector.”
In particular, the togetherness launched with Enel X will allow Genagricola to maximize its use of energy from renewable sources through the construction of photovoltaic systems with an approximate capacity of1.2 MW, combined with a consumption size and control system allowing energy to be managed and optimized to minimize waste. The conversion of the company train to electric vehicles has also before begun, which will be accompanied by the installation of 42 charging stations.

It surfaced from the report that by refining the impact of individual exertion, Genagricola will be suitable to raise its average status of energy circularity at all the venues dissected from the current 19 to around 38, through the use of renewables, better energy superintendence and roundabout enablers, leading to a reduction of environmental impact in terms of CO2 influxes, equal to tons over the succeeding 20 dates solely as a result of energy- related exertion.
Either, as part of Genagricola’s real commitment to embarking on a structured and concrete sustainability path with Enel X, the final will measure its carbon footstep by applying the GHG Protocol to all civil and foreign locations and, from 2022, produce a Sustainability Report to report on allEnvironmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues.

The confederation is an exemplification of foreign elegant practice included in the “ Net Zero Processed Clusters” Report published by the World Economic Forum, a case study of the transition of processed clusters towards zero outpours. The report featured the import of the integrated approach taken by Enel X, through a series of communal answers that aim to help reduce outpours and offer juicy, environmental and social benefits, as well as the key job ofmulti-stakeholder confederations, followed by the development and discharge of roadmaps to achieve zero flights.
Enel X is the Enel group’s global business line that offers services to accelerate wrinkle and drive the energy transition. A world leader in advanced energy results, Enel X operates demand response services, with much7.4 GW of total capacity at a global stratum and 137 MW of installed warehouse capacity worldwide, as well as charging points for electric vehicles globally1. By offering advanced results, including energy consumption superintendency, pocket services ande-mobility, Enel X provides each spouse with an intuitive and tailored ecosystem of technology platforms and consulting services, rested on the principles of sustainability and the roundabout thrift to supply people, communities, institutions and companies with an necessary model that respects the terrain and integrates technological wrinkle into quotidian life. Every Enel X result has the power to make the transition towards a low- carbon, electric and digital thrift an affordable option for everyone, so we can rear a more sustainable and productive world together.

1 Public and private charging points, including includes interoperability points.

Genagricola was instituted in 1851, with Assicurazioni Generali’s investment in the agrarian sector through the accession of the Ca’Corniani estate. The recovery of this vast swamp and malaria ridden area of hectares of land, near Caorle, in the fiefdom of Venice, is still the largest and most far-reaching ground plan of its kind to have been carried out in Italy by a private integer.
Now Genagricola Spa, Generali Italia’s agri- food holding company, is Italy’s largest farming company with 22 granges in Italy and 3 abroad, with a summation of cultivated hectares. It’s a leader in five areas including carnivore and rustic husbandry, energy product from renewable sources, viticulture and forestation.