Enel X presents the Circular Economy Factbook2021/2022

Enel X presents the Circular Economy Factbook2021/2022

Enel X, the Enel Group company devoted to innovative products and services, moment made available the alternate edition of the Circular Economy Factbook2021/2022 in which it has collected and illustratedthe indirect enterprise, systems and results it has pursued over the once two times. The document describes Enel X’s part in accelerating and enforcing circularity, not only internally, but also within its entire girding ecosystem of mates and guests.

“ The Circular Economy is one of the enablers of electrification, which is able of reimagining and reconfiguring traditional business processes and models in a sustainable way, ” reflected Francesco Venturini, CEO of EnelX. “ For this reason, by involving suppliers, end guests, companies and public administrations, Enel X is seeking to foster a righteous medium able of generating participated value for all on the one hand and promoting investment in decreasingly sustainable and innovative results on the other. ”

As described in the Factbook, Enel X’s challenge for circularity starts with the Enel X Circular Economy Boosting Program ®, a broad- grounded approach that starts out by measuring the position of circularity of the individual results in the portfolio and also, along the entire value chain, identifies those ideas, strategies, business models, technological inventions and hookups with launch- ups that can make them more sustainable. Once the feasibility studies have been completed, we also move on to the perpetration of the linked innovative systems and a rescoring of the result to certify its enhancement in terms of the position of circularity.

To date, 23 boosting programs have been enforced on a global scale, spread across Italy, Spain, North America and Latin America, in particular Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Colombia.

Two of the results linked by Enel X are described in the Factbook, the Circular Economy Report and the GHG Report. Using these tools, the company is suitable to give its guests, including companies and public administrations, with a roadmap of indirect technological results and inventions incontinently available on the request, starting with an analysis of the current performance and supporting the client from the design stages through to the prosecution of the workshop.

In 2021, further than 50 companies in Italy with further than 160 shops, belonging to different commodity sectors, including Genagricola, Inalca and DOpla, were involved in the consummation of the Circular Economy Report, for which a implicit saving in terms of CO2 was calculated as,000 tons as a result of the results proposed by EnelX.

The Circular Economy Report is the dimension tool officially used by Confindustria for the Stylish Pantomime of the Circular Economy AMa- DIH 2( directorial Support to Digital Innovation capitals) design, an active labor policy design involving 50 directors within the network of public Digital Innovation capitals( DIH) belonging to the Confindustria System with the end of promoting digitalization4.0 and sustainable transition paths within their companies. It was also used by some companies from the Examiner for indirect Fashion in 2021, Enel X took part in the first edition of the design, a exploration overlook of SDA Bocconi School of Management. A representative sampling of the Italian fashion assiduity along the entire force chain was involved in the design( actors include 2021 OVS, ICA Yams, Manteco, Vitale Barberis Canonico, Vibram, Candiani Denim, Oscalito among others) with the end of mapping and assaying the dynamics and trends of the sector over the coming 5 and 10 times. Enel X has made its know- style available to the SDA Bocconi Monitor for indirect Fashion and the mate companies in the exploration design by furnishing its dimension and analysis methodologies on Circular Economy and Sustainability issues, as well as its specialized moxie to guide companies along the path of energy transition.

likewise, between 2020 and 2022, the computation models underpinning the Circular Economy Report were reviewed and validated by specialized mates similar as ICMQ and CESI, with the end of developing instrument schemes, which will also be available to all those companies on the request that wish to certify themselves. In June 2022, the process was successfully concluded at ACCREDIA, the sole delegation body in Italy.

One intriguing illustration of a indirect action is colonist( field sustaInability secONd lifE battERy storehouse), a design created in collaboration with Aeroporti di Roma, and winner of a European call for tender with adjudication of a loan by the Innovation Fund. The ideal is to use alternate- life batteries to store the fat energy produced during the day by the photovoltaic solar system located in the field installations, and also use it during the evening hours when there’s a need to cover peak energy demand. With a nominal capacity of 5 MW/ 10 MWh, it’s one of the first systems worldwide to reach this size.

Incipiently, the Factbook also reports on Enel X’s commitment to developing and applying the principles of “ social addition ” in its conditioning and results, with the end of perfecting the ways in which people living in economically and socially vulnerable conditions are suitable to share in social life, aiming to produce participated value for business, communities and all stakeholders.

About Enel X Global Retail

Enel X Global Retail is the Enel Group’s global business line active in the areas of energy force and effectiveness. As a global leader in the development of innovative results to support the energy transition, Enel X Global Retail provides consumers, businesses and metropolises with a modular and intertwined offer erected around client requirements, promoting electrification and digitalization as motorists for creating new value. Enel X Global Retail manages demand response services, with6.7 GW in total capacity, has installed further than2.8 million lights for public lighting around the world, and offers energy services to 62 million domestic guests every day as a Commodity. Enel X Global Retail’s ecosystem of results includes means for the optimization and tone- product of energy, decoration results for energy effectiveness, and competitive and flexible energy offers, with the end thing of helping guests develop their own energy roadmaps.

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