Enel X launches “ Pagare digitale carte e app che ti semplificano la vita”, the companion to making electronic payments in a safe and informed way, in cooperation with Altroconsumo

Enel X launches “ Pagare digitale carte e app che ti semplificano la vita”, the companion to making electronic payments in a safe and informed way, in cooperation with Altroconsumo
A companion to help families make purchases and deals with smartphones, PCs and payment cards in an informed and safe way, both in- store and online is now available free of charge.”Pagare digitale carte e app che ti semplificano la vita”, is the first guidebook edited by Altroconsumo in cooperation with Enel X Financial Services on how to make the utmost of indispensable payment instruments to cash, similar as Enel X Pay, now decreasingly popular in Italy, and cover against online fraud.
“The cooperation with Altroconsumo has enabled us to produce this companion designed to make it easier for consumers to use apps and payment cards,”says Giulio Carone, CEO of Enel X Financial Services.”This is an important action in fiscal education that demonstrates how Enel X Pay’s charge isn’t only to contribute to invention in the digital payments request, developing decreasingly simple and slice- edge services, but also to accompany the elaboration of guests’purchasing habits, helping them to be more informed and ready to take full advantage of all the openings the new electronic payment instruments offer.”

Federico Cavallo, Head of External Relations at Altroconsumo, said”This companion is an illustration of how good fiscal education can be achieved by bringing together the experience and moxie of an association similar as Altroconsumo, which provides information to consumers, including in the payments field, and that of a request driver similar as Enel X Financial Services. The result is an easy-to- read guidebook explaining indeed the most innovative payment instruments to druggies in accessible andnon-technical language, giving advice on how to make the stylish use of digital payments and what to do if you fall victim to online fraud. With this design, we hope to give people the confidence to completely take part in the ongoing digital revolution and give farther motivation to the development of the digital frugality in Italy.”
According to the rearmost ECB data, 82 of payments in Italy are still made in cash compared to an normal of 73 in the EU countries. Still, the recent epidemic has accelerated the digitalization of deals in Italy too, so much so that contactless purchases made during 2020 grew by 29 in terms of transacted value, reaching81.5 billion euros, despite a drastic depression in consumption. In the first six months of 2021, this trend was consolidated with digital payments getting commonplace for numerous Italians.

At the same time as the increase in digital payments, there was also a sharp rise in the number of fiddle attempts on online channels to wring plutocrat from account and credit card holders. According to the rearmost report released by Italy’s Postal Police, encyclopedically, phishing emails increased by 600 in the first many months of 2020, with an increase in the use of Covid-19 affiliated themes to target decreasingly larger pools of druggies.
In light of this data and in cooperation with Altroconsumo, Enel X Pay has produced a companion with useful tips and suggestions on how to safely make physical and online payments for goods and services, and also to pay pagoPA bills for levies, forfeitures and other payments to public administrations.

The companion also gives useful advice about how to help online fraud attempts including phishing and further. The advice includes notifying Italy’s Postal Police and your bank if you admit a suspicious dispatch asking for plutocrat, setting up automatic sale cautions on your mobile so you can act snappily in case of unauthorized deals and regularly checking your bankstatements.However, the companion reminds you to block your card or app and report it to the police, and also that the bank is always responsible for any problems with its systems, If you suffer a fiscal loss as a result of a fiddle. This means that it can not charge guests for fraudulent use of their card or online banking unless the fault or intent of the account holder is proven.
The Enel X Pay and Altroconsumo guidebook illustrates all the advantages of using digital payments over cash, similar as lesser security and lowercosts.However, lost or reproduced, holders will only be liable for any fraudulent use made previous to the instrument being blocked, If digital payment instruments are stolen. A Bankitalia study also shows how cash isn’t free, going each Italian a whopping 122 euros per time for product, storehouse, transport and insurance costs.

The” Paying digitally cards and apps to make life easier” companion is available free of charge on the Enel X and Altroconsumo websites at the following links https//www.enelx.com/it/it/news/2021/10/pagare-digitale-guida-ai-pagamenti-elettronici?ecid=Display-Comunicato-IT_EnelXFinancialServices_IT-link-AltroConsumo
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