Enel honored by Refinitiv Index as world diversity and addition leader in “ Electric Utilities and Independent Power Producers ” assiduity group

Enel honored by Refinitiv Index as world diversity and addition leader in “ Electric Utilities and Independent Power Producers ” assiduity group

Enel leads the Refinitiv Diversity and Addition indicator’s “ Electric Utilities & IPPs ” assiduity group, ranking 30th in the Top 100 of the Index developed by global fiscal data provider Refinitiv. The indicator assesses over,000 companies for their diversity and addition performance grounded on intimately available information gathered from each company’s institutional reporting and media content. Enel Distribución Perú, Enel Generación Perú and Enel Generación Costanera are also ranked in the indicator.

“ Gender equivalency is at the base of our sustainable business model, through which the Group constantly works to guarantee diversity and addition within the company, ” said Francesco Starace, Enel CEO and General Manager. “ This evidence highlights our ongoing commitment to the principles of equal occasion and integrity and serves as recognition of our constant attention to gender diversity, plant addition programs and mortal capital development. These sustainability motorists are reflected in our business operations as well as in the services we give to our guests. ”

The Diversity and Addition indicator ranks the top 100 intimately traded companies with the most different and inclusive workplaces encyclopedically, measured by 24 criteria across four crucial orders Diversity, Addition, People Development, and difficulties. The Index is also calculated by importing each metric grounded on the company’s significance in the request and how each business compares with its peers.

Enel’s reconfirmation in this ranking is a result of its conduct aimed at promoting the presence of women in the Board of Directors and in directorial positions as well as the integration of workers with disabilities, enhancing hand skill training in addition to bringing social benefits and work- life balance results to all of its workers.

With a presence in 30 countries, diversity and addition are central to Enel’s commercial culture and strategy. In 2015, Enel espoused a specific policy to promote diversity and addition in the plant, and it’s part of the global movement Valuable 500, an action created by the companies most sensitive to this issue to place disability at the top of the docket and to influence on the huge eventuality for society and business.

A crucial pillar of Enel’s commitment is the creation of addition and improvement of people with disabilities, to whom the Group pays the utmost attention through enterprise similar as Value4disability. This design, launched in 16 countries and covering roughly,200 workers with disabilities, together with guests and society in general, aims to empower and promote the autonomy of people with disabilities and their involvement in organizational life, representing their interests and employing their unique donation to produce value. The design includes, among other conduct, the testing of innovative products that Enel is developing similar as the electric wheelchair Avanchair and the Pedius system for automatic subtitling of vids for people who are deaf or hard of hail. farther information on the design can be set up then https//www.enel.com/company/stories/articles/2022/04/empowerment-disability-value4disability.

Refinitiv is one of the world’s largest providers of fiscal requests data and structure, serving over,000 institutions in roughly 190 countries. It provides data and perceptivity, trading platforms, and open data as well as technology platforms, connecting the global fiscal requests community.

Enel’s sustainability leadership is encyclopedically conceded through the Group’s presence in several other famed sustainability indicators as well as rankings, similar as the MSCI ESG Leaders indicators, Dow Jones Sustainability indicators, CDP Climate “ A ” List, the Euronext Vigeo- Eiris 120 indicators, the FTSE4Good Index series, the STOXX Global ESG Leaders indicator, the ISS “ Prime ” standing, the Bloomberg Gender Equality Index, the Equileap’s Top 100 Gender Equality Global Ranking and the ECPI indicators.

Enel is decreasingly attracting the attention of Socially Responsible Investors, whose stake in the company is steadily growing, representing about14.6 of the Group’s share capital in 2021, further than double compared to 2014 situations. This increase, which is in line with the growing recognition of the significance ofnon-financial rudiments in the creation of long- term sustainable value, reflects the bolstering of Enel’s global sustainability leadership.

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