Enel Green power commissions 29 MW wind ranch in Castelmauro in Molise

Enel Green power commissions 29 MW wind ranch in Castelmauro in Molise

Enel Green Power’s commitment to the energy transition and the growth of the renewables in Italy continues. The company has commissioned the Castelmauro wind ranch in Molise. The factory is located between the cosmopolises of Castelmauro and Roccavivara, in the fiefdom of Campobasso, and consists of seven wind turbines of4.2 MW each, for a total capacity of29.4 MW. The new wind ranch will produce about 70 GWh each time from renewable sources, avoiding the emigration into the atmosphere of about 30 thousand tons of CO2 per time and the use of 15 million boxy measures of gas, thus contributing to reduce Italy’s energy dependence on foreign sources through locally- produced renewable energy.

The opening form was attended by Salvatore Bernabei, CEO of Enel Green Power, the Mayor of Castelmauro Flavio Boccardo, the Molise Region’s Councillor for Energy programs, Transport and Mobility Quintino Vincenzo Pallante, Parliamentary Deputy Elisabetta Christiana Lancellotta, Senator Costanzo Della Porta and representatives of the cosmopolises of Roccavivara and Trivento.

“ With the entry into operation of the Castelmauro wind ranch, we’re making a concrete donation to the achievement of Italy’s decarbonization objects, also thanks to the collaboration with original institutions and the home, ” said Salvatore Bernabei, CEO of Enel Green Power. “ This, and the other new renewable shops we intend to make in Italy, will help accelerate the energy transition and reducing our dependence on fossil energies, to the benefit of the terrain, people, and the frugality. ”

” In this literal period in which energy has come a central content of the news with impacts on the lives of citizens, we’re particularly proud to have this new factory from renewable sources in our area, and thus complete sustainable, ” saidthe mayor of Castelmauro, Flavio Boccardo. “ The dialogue with Enel Green Power has led to an active involvement of the home in the consummation of this design.”

” I’m veritably happy with this assignation from Enel Green Power and the presence of its CEO then in Molise,” said the councilor for Energy programs, Transport and Mobility of the Molise Region Quintino Vincenzo Pallante.” The switching on of this factory in Castelmauro represents an important step forward in an area that can offer a lot to the development of renewable energy, over all at a time when the strategic significance of green energy is more apparent than ever. The Region offers its vacuity and continues to commit itself to do along this line and offers the country its donation to achieving independence from fossil energies. ”

Original companies were involved in the construction of the new factory, in particular for civil workshop, services and conservation.

Enel Green Power ®, within the Enel Group, develops and operates renewable energy shops worldwide and is present in Europe, the Americas, Africa, Asia and Oceania. A world leader in clean energy, with a total capacity of around 55 GW and a generation blend that includes wind, solar, geothermal, and hydroelectric power, as well as energy storehouse installations, Enel Green Power is at the van of integrating innovative technologies into renewable energy shops.

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