Enel and Ceramica Mediterranea work together for the decarbonization of the pottery product process in Sardinia

Enel and Ceramica Mediterranea work together for the decarbonization of the pottery product process in Sardinia

Decarbonizing every link in the pottery product chain, from the launch of product to the blasting stage, from energy force to the gradational relief ofnon-renewable sources the memorandum of understanding inked by Enel and Ceramica Mediterranea marks the launch of a wide- ranging design that aims to convert the Sardinian factory of Ceramica Mediterranea, a original company active in the product and trade of high- quality demitasse earthenware, into a sustainable installation.
The agreement aims to initiate the decarbonization of the Sardinian point of Guspini( Province of South Sardinia), a pottery processing factory possessed by Ceramica Mediterranea, through a study that leverages the know- style and perpetration chops of companies that, in their separate professional parts, have converted the nonstop hunt for further sustainable product models into an essential element of their business conditioning. The design aims, among other effects, to replace 100 per cent of the LPG presently used in one of the three ceramic blasting lines with green hydrogen.

formerly submitted in the form of a primary expression of interest to the Region of Sardinia as a possible seeker for the soon- to-be-published PNRR( Italy’s National Recovery and Resilience Plan) call for proffers on hydrogen product in rejected artificial areas, the action is in line with the objects of the Enel Group’s ‘ Sardegna Isola Verde ’ design.
” The hunt for new business models at the service of our guests and technological invention are crucial success factors for moving forward with determination towards the zero- emigration ideal,” said Fabio Tentori, Head of Innovability at EnelX.” What we’ve begun with the signing of this significant agreement is a cooperative trip that focuses on tools to design and apply, in collaboration with our mates, a zero- emigration product future that’s technologically advanced and effective. Through invention we will produce the first artificial- scale illustration of a fully carbon-neutral ceramic blasting line, and the results espoused will also allow product to be freed from the volatility of the cost of CO2 emigration proportions and fossil energies. ”

“ The need to decarbonize product processes involves all business conditioning, and is all the more critical when pertaining to a sector with a high reactionary energy consumption( natural gas or LPG) similar as pottery, which isn’t fluently galvanized, ” reflected Paola Brunetto, Head of Enel Green Power’s Hydrogen Business Unit. “ In this environment, green hydrogen emerges as an ideal result, to support the decarbonization of the sector as it’s reciprocal to electrification. Thanks to this cooperation and the setting up of an electrolysis factory able of producing hydrogen both from on- point photovoltaics and from our other shops located on the islet, we will be suitable to replace about,600 tons of LPG per time, avoiding the release of,800 tons of CO2 per time into the atmosphere. ”
“ At Ceramica Mediterranea we’ve a product process from only original raw accoutrements that we define as’ zero km’, with this new design we’re also aiming at’ zero km’ for energy force, ” said Bernhard Mazohl, CEO of Ceramica MediterraneaS.p.A. “ Participation in the Hydrogen product and Use design consolidates the company’s commitment to using forms of energy that cover the terrain. At Ceramica Mediterranea, we’ve espoused energy optimization programs and major factory modernizations, and with this design we’re looking to give a new motivation to this end that seeks complete energy independence from fossil energies and zero emigrations.”

The collaboration is divided into three areas the first is aimed at assessing the most technically and economically effective decarbonization result for the ceramic product process, with a focus on green hydrogen operations for high- temperaturesub-processes( in particular ceramic blasting). The alternate is concentrated on the product and storehouse of green hydrogen onsite to fuel the below product process. Eventually, the third area will contain the evaluation of farther electrification, energy effectiveness and installation of fresh renewable generation capacity at the point.
Enel, which this time celebrates its 60th anniversary, is a transnational energy company and a commanding intertwined driver in the global energy and renewable energy requests. It’s the world’s largest intimately possessed renewable energy driver and the leading global grid driver with the largest number of retail guests. The Group is the worldwide leader in demand response and the largest mileage company in Europe in terms of ordinary EBITDA( 1). Enel is present in further than 30 countries worldwide and produces energy with a total capacity of further than 90 GW. Enel distributes electricity through a network of further than2.2 million kilometers and, with further than 75 million end druggies. The Group inventories energy to around 70 million homes and businesses. Enel Green Power, which manages renewables within the Enel Group, has a total capacity of around 54 GWwith a generation blend that includes wind, solar, geothermal, hydroelectric and storehouse shops in Europe, the Americas, Africa, Asia and Oceania. Enel X Global Retail, Enel’s global business line of advanced energy services, has a total capacity of roughly6.6 GW of demand response managed encyclopedically and 59 MW of before- the- cadence storehouse capacity. In addition, Enel X Way is the Group’s newglobal business line devoted entirely to electric mobility, managing around,000 public and private charging points for electric vehicles worldwide, both directly and through interoperability agreements.

For 30 times, in the product factory located in Guspini, in Southern Sardinia, ceramic shells have been created in fine demitasse earthenware, in colorful sizes, decorations and density, impeccably in line with the contemporary requirements of interior design and armature. A multitude of results for inner, out-of-door and driveway flooring and siding, distinguished by their authentic lightheartedness. Creations that combine refined design with the high specialized performance of demitasse earthenware, to give shape to a unique and distinctive style. The accoutrements interpret a series of crucial rudiments and symbols of Sardinian culture and tradition, telling it to the world through the precious ceramic face.

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