Enel achieves its loftiest score ever in the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index

Enel achieves its loftiest score ever in the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index

Enel’s global sustainability leadership was verified formerly again in the prestigious Dow Jones Sustainability World Index( DJSI World) after the periodic evaluation of companies’ sustainability practices performed by S&P through its prestigious Global Commercial Sustainability Assessment model. In the 2022 edition, nearly 250 electric serviceability were assessed by S&P, and Enel reached a score of 90 out of 100 for the first time ever, nearly three times the assiduity normal and the alternate loftiest.

Enel is one of the 8 electric mileage companies listed in the DJSI World, along with its Spanish attachment Endesa. In addition, the Group’s South American accessories, Enel Américas and Enel Chile, have been verified in the Dow Jones Sustainability Emerging Markets Index and Dow Jones Sustainability MILA( 1) Pacific Alliance Index, as well as in the Dow Jones Sustainability Chile Index.

Francesco Starace, Enel Group CEO and General Manager said “ This recognition by DJSI World represents an incitement to keep growing our environmental, social, and governance performance, especially in moment’s grueling , competitive, and ever- changing script. By bedding invention and sustainability into the Enel Group’s business practices, we’re leading the energy transition towards a zero- emigration model, guarding the terrain while maximizing participated value for all our stakeholders. ”

Launched in 1999, moment the DJSI is one of the main global indicators tracking the performance of companies leading the way on sustainability worldwide.

DJSI honored Enel’s visionary part in diving climate change and promoting a zero- emigration energy model. Enel also bettered in other criteria concentrated on assessing responsible business operation practices similar as threat and extremity operation, invention operation, request openings, water- related pitfalls, mortal rights and stakeholder engagement. Eventually, the indicator continued to admit Enel’s commitment to promoting translucency on social and environmental performance.

likewise, Enel’s part as a global leader in sustainability was also reconfirmed in the time- end review of two other encyclopedically honored indicators that elect top sustainability players the FTSE4Good Index Series and the Euronext Vigeo- Eiris(V.E) indicators. In the ultimate, Enel maintained its place in the World 120 indicator, as well as in the indigenous EuronextV.E Eurozone 120 and Europe 120 indicators, listing the 120 most sustainable companies out of the 500 largest free- pier companies in the Eurozone and Europe.

FTSE4Good andV.E awarded Enel’s commitment to embedding ESG practices into the business strategy along its entire value chain. FTSE4Good stressed Enel’s practices and translucency on a wide range of motifs, including biodiversity, health and safety, mortal rights, commercial governance, threat operation, and duty translucency. At the same time,V.E honored Enel’s outstanding performance in the development of its environmental strategy, managing its mortal capital, and fostering sound governance practices.

The evidence in these three sustainability- linked indicator families adds up to the wide presence of Enel in the leading being sustainability indicators and rankings, similar as the MSCI ESG Leaders indicators, CDP Climate “ A ” List, the STOXX Global ESG Leaders indicator, the ISS “ Prime ” standing, the Bloomberg Gender- Equality Index, the Refinitiv TOP 100 Diversity and Addition indicator, the Equileap’s Top 100 Gender Equality Global Ranking and the ECPI indicators.

Enel is decreasingly attracting the attention of Socially Responsible Investors, whose stake in the company is steadily growing, representing about14.6 of the Group’s share capital in 2021, further than double compared to 2014 situations. This increase, which is in line with the growing recognition of the significance ofnon-financial rudiments in the creation of long- term sustainable value, reflects the bolstering of Enel’s global sustainability leadership.

The Group’s long track record of addition in the world’s leading sustainability indicators is also supported by its commitment to fostering innovative business models to find results for the biggest challenges that society is facing, similar as climate change, by promoting electric mobility and expanding the structure network needed for its wide deployment. farther information on Enel’s main conduct in this field can be set up then

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