Egyptian LNG Zero Routine Flaring Study awarded to Bechtel- led Coalition for Decarbonization of being installation

Egyptian LNG Zero Routine Flaring Study awarded to Bechtel- led Coalition for Decarbonization of being installation

Egyptian LNG has awarded a feasibility study contract to the Bechtel- led Coalition for Decarbonization that includes Enppi, Petrojet, Baker Hughes, GE Digital, HSBC and NBE. The study will assess perpetration of a zero- glaring system at the Egyptian LNG import outstation( ELNG) in Idku, east of Alexandria.H.E. Tarek El- Molla, Egyptian Minister of Petroleum and Mineral coffers, hosted the signing form during the Decarbonization Day events at Bobby 27 in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt.
The feasibility study will assess options for total routine glaring recovery through variations to the being flare and contraction systems at the ELNG installation, reducing methane emigrations from this strategic indigenous installation. The design completely supports the Methane Global Pledge inked byH.E. Abdel Fattah Al Sisi, President of Egypt, in June 2022. LNG will play a crucial part in the force of dependable, responsible, and sustainable energy to Europe following thetri-lateral agreement inked between Egypt, the European Union, and Israel before this time.

The design is part of a wider program between the Coalition and the Egyptian Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral coffers aiming to decarbonize being oil painting and gas installations across the country and deliver on Egypt’s climate change strategy. The Coalition for Decarbonization was formed before this time between Bechtel, Enppi, Petrojet, Baker Hughes, GE Digital, HSBC and National Bank of Egypt, under the aegis ofH.E. Minister Tarek El Molla.
” I’m so proud that Egypt’s oil painting and gas sector is contributing significantly to achieving top strategic pretensions and precedences accelerating decarbonization and applying state- of- the- art technologies and results in this sphere ” His Excellency Minister of Petroleum and Mineral coffers Tarek El- Molla said. “ I’m pleased that the sector is uniting with our mates to take similar enterprise and promote these precedences.”

” This action is an important part of ELNG’s continuing sweats to deliver functional advancements for our two LNG trains, ’’ said ELNG’s CEO,Eng. Mohamed Elbahnasy. blaze reduction and recovery will reduce our hothouse gas emigrations and optimize energy consumption and running hours of our rotating outfit, to enhance product and reduce operating costs. ’”
” This design is a demonstration of our commitment to powering progress by furnishing further and cleaner energy, ”Eng. Khaled Kacem, vice chairman and country president of Shell Egypt, said. “ As mates in Egypt’s trip to come a indigenous energy mecca, we’re also marshaling our sweats and moxie to support the country’s energy effectiveness intentions. This is also a significant step towards full perpetration of the decarbonization Memorandum of Understanding between Shell and the Ministry that was inked before this time.”

” This design is an excellent illustration of private and public sector cooperation to support Egypt’s decarbonization strategy that will strengthen energy security in the region,” Paul Marsden, President of Bechtel Energy said. “ We bring world- class moxie in prosecution, technology and backing necessary to enable Egypt to reach its decarbonization pretensions. We’re looking forward to continuing our cooperation with the people of Egypt.”
” At Baker Hughes we believe collaboration and hookups are necessary to achieving a net- zero emigrations future. This design is another step to show our uninterrupted commitment to supporting Egypt’s decarbonization trip and climate change strategy, ” said Lorenzo Simonelli, Chairman and CEO of Baker Hughes. “ As an energy technology company, we’re keen on furnishing technology- grounded results that can help drive the security and sustainability of energy in Egypt and beyond, and the Coalition for Decarbonization is essential to help accelerate the deployment of similar technologies effectively.”

GE Digital CEO Scott Reese said “ As the world gathers in Egypt for COP27, results that can help to decarbonize the assiduity will be at the van of the discussion. Software plays a crucial part and is essential to accelerating the energy transition. Along with our mates, it’s our stopgap that the findings of this feasibility study will have far- reaching impact for the LNG assiduity in Egypt and beyond. ”
“ Energy transition is a trip that requires a clear vision with an effective strategic tool to achieve its pretensions, the vision, and sustainable energy effectiveness strategy that has been set by the Egyptian Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral coffers in full compliance with Egypt’s vision reflected in hosting the COP27 at Sharm El Sheikh. ”Eng. Mohamed Abdelaziz, Enppi Chairman said. “ Enppi with its leadership in the engineering field is committed to efficiently contribute in the perpetration of this strategy, and is proud to continue the successful coalition we started with the top- notch cells in the energy sector. I ’m looking forward for further of our fruitful cooperation and cooperation spirit, that makes me confident that we can together achieve with full commitment to decarbonize our sector. ”

“ formerly again our coalition proves itself as an effective vehicle supporting the Egyptian Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral coffers to decarbonize being oil painting and gas installations across the country. ”Eng. Waleed Lotfy, Chairman and Managing Director of Petrojet, said. “ As we’re featuring now an exceptionally successful round of COP27 in Egypt’s Sharm El Sheikh, I’m looking forward with great enthusiasm for the coalition to embark onto further challenges. ”
The Feasibility Study will be executed on a fast- track base aiming to move into the Front- End Engineering Design( FEED) phase by early 2023.

The design is a evidence to the functional excellence of the ELNG factory. Reducing hothouse gas emigrations and optimizing energy consumption and running hours of the rotating outfit will enhance product and reduce operating cost.

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