E.ON banks on the secure radio network of the energy transition

E.ON banks on the secure radio network of the energy transition

and 450connect sign frame agreement for civil use of 450 MHz technology
Framework agreement includes the procurement of radio services with a total contract value of around half a billion euros until 2040
450 MHz network is defended against power failures and natural disasters
By 2040, further than one million smart measures and every digital original network station will be connected to the 450 MHz network
Power grids are part of the necessary critical structure. They must be defended in the stylish possible way and have to serve especially when natural disasters or other extremity events pose particular challenges for the public. In order to insure that electricity inventories can be restored in the shortest possible time indeed in situations like these,E.ON has decided to use the largely secure 450- megahertz( MHz) radio network. In the future, this network will connect and control original grid stations and smart measures in homes indeed when conventional communication systems are down after a power cut. In this way, important factors of the critical structure remain connected, indeed during disastrous events.
E.ON is the first company to subscribe a frame agreement on the civil use of radio services with 450connect, the driver of the 450 MHz radio network. The agreement covers the procurement of radio services with a total contract value of around half a billion euros until 2040. Under the terms of the agreement,E.ON’s network companies will be suitable to use the radio services for extremity communication as well as day- to- day operations starting in 2023. This will make crucial corridor of the critical structure independent of public fixed or mobile networks, which may not be available after a power failure or in other extremity situations.E.ON aims to read further than one million smart measures using 450 MHz technology by 2040. In addition, the company plans to connect some,000 digital original network stations via the 450 MHz frequence band by the end of 2026. The benefits of the technology aren’t limited to extremity situations as a flexible communication channel, the 450 MHz band can also be used during regular grid operation and will therefore make an important donation to the digitalization of the German energy geography.

Frederik Giessing, Managing Director of 450connect, said” We’re pleased to have inked this frame agreement withE.ON as the largest distribution grid driver in Germany. icing a largely available and secure 450 MHz radio network for drivers of critical architectures is a common task. Since 2016, 450connect had been laying the root for this in cooperation with indigenous energy suppliers. The new frame agreement withE.ON as a client marks an important corner in the civil expansion and provision of fail-safe radio services, which will be completed by 2025.”

Thomas König,E.ON Management Board member responsible for energy networks, emphasized the significance of the critical network structure” As the largest distribution system driver, we’ve a special responsibility for security of force in Germany. With the imaged use of 450 MHz frequence band throughout Germany, we’re creating the conditions for indeed more flexible extremity communication and the continued digitalization of the electricity grids. And this is where regulation has an important part to play, because in order to promote the harmonious use of 450 MHz technology throughout the energy sector, distribution network drivers have to have their costs honored without important detention by the controller.”
As the current nonsupervisory frame is grounded solely on literal costs, the energy companies can only recoup their operating charges for the use of the 450 MHz network in the coming but one nonsupervisory period, starting in 2029. still, since operating charges will start to be incurred from 2023, the detention created may inhibit the rollout of 450 MHz technology across the assiduity.
Background information
In 2020, the Federal Network Agency formerly again put the rights to use the 450 MHz frequence band out to tender from 2021. 450connect as a common adventure of the energy and water diligence was awarded the contract and in July 2021 the civil frequence was assigned up until 2040.

Only about,600 radio spots will be needed for a civil rollout of the 450 MHz network. The spots used will be substantially being spots.E.ON will contribute about 300 of the total,600 radio spots.

The advantages of the 450 MHz radio network taradiddle in its binary use of capacities. During regular system operation, this includes the monitoring and control of millions of distributed critical structure installations to grease the energy transition and the decarbonization of the transport sector. In a extremity situation, the focus is on extremity communication and the control of what are the critical installations in a given extremity script. As the radio network is backed up by an exigency power force, it remains available nationwide for at least 72 hours, allowing all drivers of critical structure to change information in order to restore the force to guests as snappily as possible. 450connect makes its platform available to all critical structure drivers on anon-discriminatory base.

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