DTE Energy Plans Region’s Largest Battery Storage at Retired Trenton Channel Coal Plant Site

DTE Energy (NYSE: DTE), Michigan’s foremost renewable energy producer, is set to lead in battery storage with the conversion of part of its retired Trenton Channel coal power plant site into a 220-megawatt battery energy storage center. Expected to be operational by 2026, this facility will mark the largest standalone battery energy storage project in the Great Lakes region.

The Trenton Channel Energy Center will play a pivotal role in DTE’s CleanVision Integrated Resource Plan and Michigan’s new statewide energy storage target, aligning with DTE’s net-zero carbon reduction objectives. By storing excess electricity and distributing it when needed, the center will alleviate strain on the grid, reduce generation fluctuations, and complement DTE’s expanding renewable energy portfolio, ultimately benefiting DTE customers.

Jerry Norcia, Chairman and CEO of DTE Energy, remarked, “Today, roughly one-third of all electricity generated by DTE comes from carbon-free resources. Our world-class solar, wind, and nuclear generation facilities are delivering reliable and clean electricity to our customers, and the Trenton Channel Energy Center is a significant milestone in accelerating our clean energy journey.”

The cost of transforming the Trenton Channel site is substantially offset by $140 million in tax incentives under the 2022 federal Inflation Reduction Act, facilitating progress towards a cleaner energy future for Michigan residents.

With a capacity to store 220 megawatts (or 880 megawatt hours) of electricity, equivalent to powering nearly 40,000 homes, the center signifies a substantial stride towards DTE’s goal of doubling its energy storage capacity by 2042. It also brings Michigan closer to achieving its clean energy targets outlined in Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s MI Healthy Climate plan.

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer commended the initiative, emphasizing its role in strengthening the grid and generating cleaner power. The support from federal incentives underscores DTE’s position as a leader in renewable energy production in Michigan.

DTE retired the Trenton Channel coal power plant in 2022 as part of its strategy to achieve net-zero carbon emissions. The site’s revitalization underscores DTE’s commitment to renewable energy and community support, providing additional tax revenue for Trenton’s infrastructure projects.

Mayor Steven Rzeppa of Trenton expressed enthusiasm for DTE’s use of the site and its benefits for the community. The project aligns with DTE’s efforts to bolster Michigan’s renewable energy sector while supporting local communities.

This initiative, DTE’s largest energy storage endeavor, is among several in progress. Together, these projects will enhance DTE’s ability to deliver clean energy efficiently to its 2.3 million customers across Southeast Michigan.

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