Data Kinetic Launches Applied AI Solutions Suite for the Oil and Gas Industry

Data Kinetic, a technology company focusing on Artificial Intelligence research, development, and advisory, has launched an platform agnostic AI Outcomes as a Service suite engineered for the Oil and Gas industry. Data Kinetic’s subscription service offers a catalog of machine learning (ML) models designed to accelerate enterprise adoption of applied AI. The new service launches at the 9th Annual Digitalization in Oil and Gas Conference between September 14-15 in Houston, TX.

Data Kinetic’s approach drives efficiency by providing engineering teams with the tools, insights, and models to reduce cost and increase speed to market while running the latest algorithms securely in the preferred environment. Regulated industries stand to benefit as creating and maintaining algorithms is time-consuming and resource-intensive, and inaccuracy is costly – particularly in complex energy sector vertical use cases.

Data Kinetic’s Solution Suite for Oil and Gas addresses a notable challenge: optimizing operational processes at the edge such as gas lift processes – a crucial factor influencing well profitability. The existing gas lift method incurs variable costs that often lack predictability, particularly in expansive fields with numerous wells—in most cases, striking a balance between well productivity and the daily complexities of field operation. Applied AI is poised to reshape this landscape, bringing insights to the well pad and operations teams and promising innovative solutions that continue to support gas lift operations.

Applied AI applications hold great promise and have already revolutionized various operations for many enterprises, offering numerous benefits such as increased efficiency, cost savings, and improved decision-making. However, most organizations need help to successfully implement and integrate AI into the business landscape with measurable results. Data Kinetic changes this.

Commenting on the launch of the Outcomes as a Service Solutions Suite for the Oil and Gas industry, Data Kinetic, CEO and Founder Nick King, a 20-year veteran in the AI sector, said: “Empowering the Oil and Gas industry with Applied AI, we at Data Kinetic are reshaping the landscape of operations and production. We aim to integrate technology and accelerate enterprise adoption, ensuring profitability, safety, and efficiency at every step. Our commitment remains unwavering as we venture into this transformative journey: to optimize, innovate, and lead purposefully.”

Data Kinetic’s Solution Suite for Oil and Gas

Data Kinetic’s Oil and Gas solution is an Applied AI solution that offers a range of applications to optimize operations and enhance decision-making in the oil and gas industry. The solution solves problems that matter to businesses with safety measures, performance, and constant updates to stay ahead, including:

  • Predictive Maintenance: The solution uses AI to predict equipment failures, enabling proactive maintenance to minimize downtime, optimize resources, enhance safety, and reduce costs. The ability to predict equipment failure is crucial in the oil and gas industry, where equipment downtime can lead to significant financial losses and safety risks.
  • Pipeline Monitoring: Data Kinetic’s solution helps prevent leaks, ensure safety, protect the environment, and minimize disruptions. The solution uses AI to monitor pipeline conditions and detect anomalies that could indicate a potential leak, helping to prevent environmental disasters and costly disruptions.
  • Exploration Data Analysis: The solution streamlines the processing of exploration data, enhances the discovery of new reserves, improves decision-making, and reduces time. Using AI to analyze exploration data, the solution can identify patterns and trends that human analysts might miss.
  • Supply Chain Optimization: The solution streamlines operations, reduces waste, improves forecasting, and makes logistics more efficient. AI can provide valuable insights to optimize operations and reduce costs in the complex and global oil and gas supply chain.
  • AI-Powered Project Design and Delivery: By introducing technology that can dynamically leverage customers’ constraints and environments, research, design, and implementation projects can be accelerated and delivered with greater efficiency and confidence.
  • Market Research and near real-time responsive intelligence: Combining internal and external data and market shifts, operators can leverage AI to build a business co-pilot, reducing cognitive load on strategic teams and providing daily insights based on data and factors.
  • Enhanced Safety: Leverage the insights and learnings from other safety events and generate comprehensive safety briefings and reports, dynamically adjusted to each site, location, hazards, and understanding from previous issues.

An industry-first platform agnostic approach to applied AI

One of Data Kinetic’s critical differentiators in the applied AI space is its platform-agnostic approach, which allows organizations to build on their investments and move within trusted systems to achieve desired AI outcomes. By focusing on industry-specific needs and challenges, enterprises can develop tailored solutions that effectively address the nuances of their respective sectors. Data Kinetic will help organizations achieve their applied AI goals through this approach.

Visit Data Kinetic at the 9th Annual Digitalization in Oil and Gas Conference between Sept. 14-15 – Booth #411 at Lanier Grand Ballroom, or go here for more information.

About Data Kinetic:

Data Kinetic is a platform agnostic industry-focused applied AI research, development, and advisory company. The company’s mission is to accelerate the enterprise adoption of advanced applied AI, particularly in complex vertical use cases. Founded by a 20-year veteran in the AI sector, Data Kinetic CEO and Founder Nick King has held senior leadership roles with Microsoft, Google Cloud, DataRobot, Snowplow, and others. Data Kinetic headquarters are in Austin, TX. To learn more, follow Data Kinetic on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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