Customers increasingly address GE’s industry-leading fixed series compensation technology to satisfy grid challenges

Customers increasingly address GE’s industry-leading fixed series compensation technology to satisfy grid challenges

With its unique and innovative Flexible AC Transmission Systems (FACTS), GE Renewable Energy’s Grid Solutions business [NYSE:GE] continues to satisfy the growing power needs of transmission systems worldwide. Recent grid customer contracts totaling nearly USD $70 million reflect customers’ growing reliance on GE’s Fixed Series Compensation (FSC) technology. With over 50,000 Mvars (megavolt ampere of reactive power) of series compensation systems since 2012 and nearly 380 systems installed globally, GE leads the industry in delivery.

FSC systems make transmission lines behave as if they’re physically shorter, thus allowing additional electric power (throughput) to flow down long transmission lines. For applications like renewable wind energy, this suggests that more of the green energy produced by the wind turbines gets delivered to where it’s needed.

“GE has quite a century of experience designing transmission networks, including the primary series compensation project in 1928,” said Fabrice Jullien, Global FACTS baron for Grid Integration Solutions, a GE Renewable Energy’s Grid Solutions business. “Available for both new and existing substations, the industry-leading FACTS Fixed Series Compensation (FSC) technology allows utilities to cost-effectively increase cable s’ power transfer capabilities with reduced transmission line losses and overall improved power system stability.”

Albuquerque, NM, US – GE will supply new capacitor equipment and source new reactors following the general public Service Company of latest Mexico’s reconfiguration of its line length with the addition of a solar plant and retirement of existing generation sources. The project will include engineering, procurement, construction, testing and commissioning of kit to switch the capacitance of 1 345 kV FSC bank. Commissioning is planned for March 2022.

Arizona and California, US – GE was commissioned to provide all new control systems at two 500 kV FSC banks, upgrading systems that GE originally commissioned within the 1980s. Contracted by Southern California Edison (SCE), the project includes engineering, procurement, construction, testing and commissioning at the California Capacitor No. 1 between the Devers and Red Bluff substations, and Arizona Capacitor between the Colorado River and Palo Verde substations. The California bank was completed in February 2021 and therefore the Arizona bank is scheduled for completion in half-moon 2022.

Vietnam – The Central Power Projects Management Board has contracted with GE to provide , deliver, supervise install, test and commission four 500 kV FSC banks at the Doc Soi Substation within the South-Central Coast region and two 500 kV FSC banks at the Quang Trach Substation in Central Vietnam. Among other benefits, the project is predicted to reinforce transmission capabilities, improve system stability, and reduce system losses. Currently, 2 FSC banks are energized at the Doc Soi substation to Pleiku; 2 FSC banks at the Doc Soi substation to Quang Trach are installed and are being tested, expected to be energized at the top of August 2021. 2 FSC banks in Quang Trach are expected to be energized within the fourth quarter of 2021.

Clearwater, US – The buildout of wind power throughout North America often requires the support of Fixed Series Compensation. Recently GE has been commissioned to create a replacement FSC bank within the upper Midwest which incorporates GE providing engineering, procurement, construction, testing and commissioning of a 345 kV bank. GE’s FSC technology will help catch up on cable fluctuations, allowing our customer to maneuver wind energy to load centers on the grid. Commissioning is planned for August 2022.

New Mexico, US – Pattern Energy may be a long-standing GE turbine customer, and now for the primary time is utilizing GE’s FSC technology. For this 580 Mvar, 345 kV bank GE is providing engineering, procurement, construction, testing and commissioning. This bank are going to be located on a replacement cable being built and therefore the FSC will enable wind energy to be efficiently moved to load centers. Additionally, the bank will provide electrical stability to the encompassing grid by compensating for cable fluctuations. Commissioning is predicted at the top of 2021.

GE is committed to providing support and delivering system enhancements that reach the lifetime of the FSC investments made by GE’s customer globally.

Hope, British Columbia – At BC Hydro’s American Creek Capacitor (AMC) Station, GE is providing the planning , supply, installation, testing and removal of the 30-year-old protection and control systems for the 2 banks at the station, also as upgrading the prevailing fast bypass equipment currently in commission on the bank. The upgraded FSC technology aims to scale back cable fluctuations, integrating seamlessly with the prevailing equipment and providing NERC/CIP compliance. Commissioning is planned to finish in July 2022.

Oregon, US – Another 30-year-old system which will receive an upgrade is an FSC within the Pacific Northwest . The GE team is performing upgrades on two existing banks that include engineering, procurement, installation, commissioning and testing of the new GE controls. With commissioning planed for November 2021, the upgrade will catch up on cable fluctuations and integrate seamlessly with existing equipment.

Melbourne, Australia – Another upgrade project is planned for AusNet Services Ltd, which has contracted with GE to modernize two FSC capacitor banks at South Morang Terminal Station. The GE team will provide engineering, procurement, technical direction, testing and commissioning. The FSC banks will provide 50% reactive compensation on each of two lines and can replace the prevailing FSC banks, which were provided and commissioned by GE in 1999, while reusing some key existing components. The new FSC design aims to extend the thermal current capacity of the transmission lines routed through the South Morang Terminal Station. Completion is planned for November 2022.

The energy transition is well underway round the world, and GE’s FSC technology is one among the key tools getting used by transmission operations and wind park developers to raised integrate green energy onto our existing AC grids. Most of our new projects are somehow tied to integrating renewable energy onto the grid, and GE’s technology ensures that more of that green energy gets transmitted to the load centers.