ComEd Achieves 1 Gigawatt Milestone in Distributed Solar

Solar energy is shining brightly in northern Illinois as ComEd announced today that it has interconnected over 1 gigawatt of distributed energy resources (DER) capacity to its grid, including 57,780 residential rooftop solar systems. This milestone reflects Illinois’ leadership in the Midwest for DER deployment and second place nationally for total capacity, according to the Solar Energy Industry Association.

Scott Vogt, ComEd’s vice president of Strategy and Energy Policy, highlighted, “Achieving the 1-gigawatt milestone for DER demonstrates our commitment to advancing distributed energy resources and enabling our customers to leverage the benefits of solar energy. With state and federal incentives available, now is an ideal time to embrace solar, and we are dedicated to assisting customers throughout their journey.”

Brian Granahan, director of the Illinois Power Agency, emphasized the collaborative efforts driving Illinois’ renewable energy success: “ComEd’s achievement of 1 gigawatt of distributed energy resources underscores the positive impact of equitable energy policies in our state, emphasizing transparency, communication between utilities and developers, and robust customer education.”

Over the past five years, ComEd has seen remarkable growth in DER, with residential customer installations growing by 114% annually and commercial and industrial installations by 25% annually. Community solar has experienced exceptional growth, increasing by over 4,000% since its introduction in 2019.

Looking ahead, ComEd anticipates DER capacity to surpass 1,900 MW by 2025 and exceed 3,600 MW by 2030. This growth will contribute significantly to Illinois’ renewable energy goals, equivalent to powering approximately 120,000 homes annually. DER technologies will include battery storage and electric vehicle capabilities, enhancing grid stability and demand management.

For customers unable to install solar panels, community solar offers a viable alternative, allowing participation in large-scale solar projects with credits applied to their ComEd bills. By year-end, ComEd plans to have over 150 community solar projects interconnected, benefiting around 40,000 customers.

To support renewable energy adoption, ComEd offers rebate programs for commercial and residential facilities investing in distributed generation, including rooftop solar and energy storage devices.

ComEd’s strategic plans filed with the Illinois Commerce Commission outline substantial investments to support renewable energy expansion under the Climate and Equitable Jobs Act. These plans align with ComEd 2030, aimed at achieving a carbon-free energy future that enhances community benefits and meets evolving customer needs through the decade and beyond.

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