China’s First Girder Replacement, Transportation and Erection Integrated Machine Put into Use on Shuohuang Railway

On April 20, China’s first girder replacement, transportation and erection integrated machine completed the replacement of masonry beams of the No.149 bridge along the Shuohuang (Shuozhou-Huanghua) Railway, marking that the equipment was officially put into use.

The THLJ-16 girder replacement, transportation and erection integrated machine, jointly developed by Shuohuang Railway Co., Ltd. and China Railway Fifth Survey and Design Institute Group Co. Ltd., is the country’s first complete set of equipment designed for rapid girder replacement on existing railroads. It operates by grouping a front traction locomotive, a girder carrying machine, a girder replacement machine, and a rear traction locomotive. Its unique butterfly-shaped polygonal supporting structure allows it to achieve swift shift between girder replacement mode and girder transportation mode, and its automatic leg folding system and beam carrying system enable smooth connection between old and new beam lifting, transporting, and dropping. The equipment can meet the needs of uninterrupted construction, complicated work conditions, and integrated construction. It can complete rapid beam replacement within four hours at a secluded location without the need to remove the overhead contact system, allowing the railway to resume operation as soon as the replacement is finished.

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