China Shenhua Won Three Awards on the Golden Bauhinia Awards Ceremony including Outstanding Listed Company of High-quality Development

Recently, China Shenhua was awarded the “Best Listed Company for ESG Practices”, “Best Listed Company at ESG Information Disclosure”, and “Outstanding Listed Company of High-quality Development” at the 13th Hong Kong International Financial Forum & the Hong Kong International ESG Annual Awards Ceremony & the Golden Bauhinia Awards Ceremony.

Serving as a crucial trend indicator of China’s capital market and listed companies on both domestic and international fronts, the China Securities Golden Bauhinia Award was jointly hosted by Hong Kong Ta Kung Wen Wei Media Group, Hong Kong Chinese Enterprises Association, the Chinese Financial Association of Hong Kong, the Chinese Securities Association of Hong Kong and the Hong Kong Chartered Governance Institute. Under the theme of “Taking on a New Look and Writing a New Chapter”, the Award of this year encompassed online voting, committee examination, and expert reviews to present a total of 11 awards for nearly 80 winning companies.

The Hong Kong International ESG Rankings, a collaboration between Hong Kong Ta Kung Wen Wei Media Group, China Certification & Inspection Group, the HKU Institute for China Business, and the HSBC Financial Research Institute at Peking University (“HFRI”), aim to establish ESG evaluation criteria that align with China’s national conditions and characteristics, high-quality development strategies, and international cooperation trends. The Rankings comprise five major categories, and a total of 43 awards for companies after a rigorous evaluation process.

In 2023, China Shenhua, as a pioneer in domestic ESG management and disclosure, demonstrated its commitment to ensuring energy supply, promoting intelligent and green development, fulfilling corporate social responsibilities, prioritizing long-term returns to shareholder, and constructing a distinctive governance model. The Company deeply embraced ESG principles, implemented and refined the responsibilities assigned by the era to central state-owned enterprises, and accelerated the establishment of a brand image emphasizing “remaining true to commitment, upholding mutual respect, and embracing win-win cooperation”. Wining these three awards underscores the Company’s commitment to high-quality development and sustained focus on core business for integrated competitive advantages, as well as the high recognition from the capital market.

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